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Holiday Romance – the Sustainable Lover

Many people go on holiday with a twinkle in their eye. Either for somebody they already love, or somebody they haven’t yet met, but definitely want to love. Either way, there’s an issue – sustainability. The eco-savvy traveller will be prepared for this and will have packed suitable accessories for almost any romantic occasion.

Waiving Waste: Bali Hotels Feed the Hungry

Millions of tourists visit Bali every year – and they waste hundreds of tonnes of food while they are there. Leftovers from spicy banquets, over-provisioned picnics and un-sampled buffet breakfasts all add to the waste. But one smart tech entrepreneur has swapped his skills in cash handling to food handling – and helped feed hungry villagers in the process.

How To Be a Zero Waste Traveller

If you love to explore far-flung places but hate creating a trail of waste, fret no more. You can be a zero waste traveller. Gaia Discovery asked a few environmentalists for their views so that, step by step, we can help protect the earth from pollution.

Reducing Food Waste Saves Hotels Money

Hotels saved $7 for every $1 invested in reducing food waste. This and more findings were revealed in a research that provided a compelling business case on food resource efficiency and good business practices, reports Mallika Naguran.