Sustainable Tourism

Holiday Romance – the Sustainable Lover

Many people go on holiday with a twinkle in their eye. Either for somebody they already love, or somebody they haven’t yet met, but definitely want to love. Either way, there’s an issue – sustainability. The eco-savvy traveller will be prepared for this and will have packed suitable accessories for almost any romantic occasion.

FairBnB: the Sustainable Alternative

Billing itself as Community Powered Tourism, a startup called FairBnB is aiming to bring a change to the way short term, internet-based rentals are offered in cities and tourist destinations worldwide. Into a way that benefits the community as well as the landlords.

Air Travel: Keeping it Eco

News from the aviation world has not been encouraging of late. Increased overall emissions, worries about safety and peripheral noise – but some airlines are making sustainable, safe operation part of their marketing pitches.

Banyan Tree Hotels Reject Single-use Plastic

The Banyan Tree Group has taken the bold but necessary step of addressing plastic menace and pollution by first saying no to single-use plastic, then thinking of ways to overcome common operational habits. Mallika Naguran reports.

Sustainable Business Grants: Funding Increases for 2018

Increased interest in sustainable tourism has seen increasing numbers of major companies and organisations  buying into the startup culture – with big money grants to innovative operators

PATA Award Winners 2017

Bangkok, 27 July 2017 – Winners of the 2017 PATA Grand and Gold Awards of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA). These awards, supported by the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO),  recognise the achievements of 28 separate organisations and individuals in sustainable tourism, heritage, culture, environmental management.