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about the partnership

The Gaia Discovery Preferred Partner (GDPP) programme is a unique way for you to work with an independent media to market your brand in a holistic manner.

There’s a bit of editorial, a bit of branding, a lot of education & bookings all in one.

GDPP is a win-win solution to having paid engagement services work for you in a highly visual, targeted and sustained manner. The way we do this is to write and post articles about you - our preferred partner - when you take up a member subscription package for a minimum of 12 months.

How Does GDPP Work?

Through this special partnership, Gaia Discovery will support your brand by way of editorial – yes we write about you - in addition to displaying your banner ads on the site. There will be two types of editorial. Firstly, we will create a Classified Page on Gaia Discovery to include you as a GDPP member – this will list your product or service in detail plus images and direct link to your site for booking with a CODE. Secondly, we will write a review of your product or service under an editorial section. As our GDPP member, you will receive one article from us every six months.

Next, banner ads. We make sure that your banner ads are highly visible on our fortnightly eNewsletter that goes out to thousands of subscribers. Monthly, a GDPP email containing your brand, offerings & CODE will be blasted to our readers as well.  

Add social media shout outs to that, you’ll feel that your brand is always in the news! 

You’ll be a Gaia Discovery Restoration Fund supporter too. Ten per cent of our revenues go towards funding environmental scholarships for poor students.

The GDPP Membership Fee

A small subscription fee of USD100 monthly for a minimum of 12 months puts you in the GDPP programme as a member. That’s all.

In the first year, a set up fee of USD300 is required. This is a one-time administrative cost in creating the Classified Listings page for you, setting up the CODE & links.

Because we promote your brand consistently, we ask for 10% of gross sales on bookings made with the CODE!  Did we mention this is a win-win relationship? 

How Do You Benefit as Brand Owner or Tourism Operator?

·       You receive direct bookings with mention of Gaia Discovery CODE

·       You get articles written about your brand by the Gaia Discovery team

·       You are able to promote your brand offering in an educational & creative way

·       You can build your database with inquiries & follow up (but don’t forget us!)

·       Customers tell others! This then leads to new sales

And best of all… we only ask for 10% of what you earn!

(We request that from the extra revenues earned with the direct booking that you support social enterprises by purchasing their art & crafts for our guests. Add a card to say where these came from, and thank them from us i.e. You & your preferred media partner – Gaia Discovery).

How Do Our Readers Benefit?

Gaia Discovery readers will understand your brand better through the articles generated and see your banner ads through the multiple channels mentioned above. They will be aware that by using a special CODE, they will be using the GDPP programme to get the best of sustainable tourism.  

They will enjoy special treatment for booking up your company compared to other consumers or guests. You give them a welcome fruit basket & gift e.g. local handicrafts. Add discounts on tours, spa and so on. Make them Gaia Discovery VIPs!

Because you are a responsible operator, they also get to do something special, like planting a seed, monitoring wildlife, learning to identify species of butterflies… whichever works for you (and let’s get creative!).They also contribute towards the Gaia Discovery Restoration Fund.

About Gaia Discovery

Established in 2008 with offices in Singapore & Australia | Leader in sustainable and responsible tourism reporting | Advisory board includes Nobel prize laureates

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