The Story Behind Lewis Pugh’s Activism To Protect Antarctica

Extreme swimmer Lewis Pugh is planning his next conquest, to lobby for a massive marine protected area surrounding Antarctica. Facing enormous threats from melting sea ice and industrial fishing, the region is under severe threat. Mallika Naguran speaks to the ocean advocate on his activism, advocacy and next mission—Antarctica2020.

Albert Teo: How to Sustain Community Building in Ecotourism

Going from mere charity to community-led social enterprise, Albert Teo shares with Gaia Discovery a few learning points from his ecotourism development efforts of Sabah.

Mike Than Tun Win: Turning Junk Bikes into School Transport

Most people who see piles of junked or abandoned bike-share bicycles simply tut-tut and walk past blaming the local authorities for the mess. One public spirited Burmese man takes a different approach: he is shipping them to countries in desperate need of transport for students who just want to get to school.

Rod Hillman: Pushing Hard for Sustainable Tourism

According to chief executive officer of Ecotourism Australia (EA), Rod Hillman, sustainable tourism is not just occurring where you’d expect it - in beautiful remote landscapes – but is increasingly permeating cities and other businesses too. 

Cecilie Benjamin: Mahonia Na Dari (Guardian of the Sea)

When some people learn to dive, they want to travel and dive as many places as they can. But Cecilie Benjamin was so taken with her first dive site she decided this was a place where her passion for the marine environment could flourish. She was so enthused, she helped establish a thriving future environmental education centre.

Jeff Goodell on Climate Change: The Water Will Come

An invited speaker at the Singapore Writers Festival 2018, author Jeff Goodell from the US speaks his mind on just how the climate has changed and what we can all do about it to Mallika Naguran of Gaia Discovery.

Harry Morris: Davao Reef Saviour

Harry D. Morris is a Filipiono national-level rugby player, and better known by many for his skill on the sportsfield. But Morris is a marine biologist, and passionately active about preserving Davao Gulf, one of the most diverse marine ecosystems in the world.

Elephant Knowledge: Anna Songhurst and Ecoexist

What started out as a PhD investigating behaviours has transcended into a whole social approach to making a better life for elephants – and safer lives for the humans who live and farm near them.

Ian Rosenberger: Trash for Dignity

Ian Rosenberger visited Haiti in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, and what he saw, and who he met changed his life. They also spawned a whole new business dedicated to making money out of returning dignity and clearing dangerous plastic waste.

Katherine Connor: Sustainable Elephant Rescue

Katherine Connor set up an elephant sanctuary in Thailand purely to benefit itsanimals - and to educate their owners. Not just for tourists wanting a memorable snap for their online account.

Andrew Sebastian: On Malaysia Ecotourism & Ecology

No stranger to bird lovers and forest trekkers in Malaysia, guide Andrew Sebastian has more tricks up his sleeves in promoting ecotourism and habitat conservation than anyone can imagine. Gaia Discovery’s Mallika Naguran catches up with the bird expert to find out more about the Wallace Project through Sebastian’s own NGO - Ecotourism & Conservation Society Malaysia, and about his views on how tourism can help raise ecological awareness.

Jin of Chickenfeet Travels: Adventure with Positive Impacts

Travelling just got more responsible, whether it is trekking, kayaking or just a stroll in the wild country, with a trip planned by Chickenfeet Travels. Mallika Naguran catches up with a rather unSingaporean Jin at a vegan shop in Bugis.

Michel Rawicki: Fragile Nature Through the Lens

Nature and wildlife photographer Michel Rawicki shares with Gaia Discovery what he has observed about nature in the Polar Regions, and how the climate is changing the environment in parts.  Rawicki is a guest of Voilah! festival, which presents his large scale prints in an outdoor exhibition themed Touched by the Cold.

Alexander Yee: Overcoming Turtle Conservation Challenges

Alexander Yee: Overcoming Turtle Conservation Challenges

It took vision, persistence and wisdom for conservationist Alexander Yee to be able to release his 30,000th turtle hatchling into the South China Sea after five years this March. He spoke to Mallika Naguran about how this highly effective turtle conservation programme came about but more importantly, how obstructive village practices were overcome to boost this aspect of marine life and ecotourism in Sabah.

Michael Davis: My Role as a Responsible Installation Artist

Bio-Resin, reusable metal in bar chimes… these are just a couple of materials that are surprisingly part of the Illumaphonium, a musical structure that stands tall, colourful, entrancing and strong at the I Light Marina Bay 2018 festival in Singapore. Gaia Discovery’s Mallika Naguran gets on the same bandwidth as its British creator Michael Davis as he speaks about his musical interest, beliefs, style and role as a responsible artist.

Amala Menon: Genuine Indian Homestays With SaveAGram

Just how authentic can community-based tourism get? SaveAGram strives to raise the bar in not just capturing the authenticity of village tourism experience in the north and south of India, but also maintain responsibility in touring activities so as to uphold age-old traditions, culture, values and even the architecture of Indian villages.