Responsible Tourism

Holiday Romance – the Sustainable Lover

Many people go on holiday with a twinkle in their eye. Either for somebody they already love, or somebody they haven’t yet met, but definitely want to love. Either way, there’s an issue – sustainability. The eco-savvy traveller will be prepared for this and will have packed suitable accessories for almost any romantic occasion.

How To Be a Zero Waste Traveller

If you love to explore far-flung places but hate creating a trail of waste, fret no more. You can be a zero waste traveller. Gaia Discovery asked a few environmentalists for their views so that, step by step, we can help protect the earth from pollution.

FairBnB: the Sustainable Alternative

Billing itself as Community Powered Tourism, a startup called FairBnB is aiming to bring a change to the way short term, internet-based rentals are offered in cities and tourist destinations worldwide. Into a way that benefits the community as well as the landlords.

Championing Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in Ecotourism

Championing Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in Ecotourism

The joint declaration by the Asian Ecotourism Network and Taiwan Ecotourism Association serves to outline the judicious management of indigenous peoples while reaping benefits for the ecotourism industry and communities alike

Overtourism: UNWTO Strategies for Managing Urban Destinations

The ‘Overtourism’ report by UNWTO aims to help stakeholders manage growing urban tourism flows and their impacts for the benefit of visitors and the cities’ hosts – the residents. Mallika Naguran reports.

World Tourism Day Marks Innovation & Startup Contest

World Tourism Day Marks Innovation & Startup Contest

This year’s World Tourism Day on 27 September places importance on harnessing innovation and digital advances to improve tourism effects, plus a startup contest seeks to celebrate clever ideas that will lead the transformation of the tourism sector.

Single-use Plastic Bans to Prevent Pollution

On World Environment Day 2018, numerous organisations announced new plans and actions to address plastic related issues such as litter, pollution and harm to wildlife. Mallika Naguran takes a look at the environmental movements and pledges made by A Plastic Planet, The Travel Corporation and The Millenium Hotels in this report.

Japan Travel Agencies Ally Towards Responsible Tourism

The association of like-minded travel operators and stakeholders through JARTA aims to strengthen responsible tourism in Japan through education, certification and collective support.

Reducing Food Waste Saves Hotels Money

Hotels saved $7 for every $1 invested in reducing food waste. This and more findings were revealed in a research that provided a compelling business case on food resource efficiency and good business practices, reports Mallika Naguran.

Instagram Pollution? Resource Management Body Offers Guidelines

With selfies being the image capture of choice for increasing numbers of tourists, alarm is rising over their effect on the environment. Fragile ecosystems, ancient monuments and sacred places are all suffering from overreach by millions of happy-snapping web-posting visitors. One resource management body has decided it is time to issue guidelines for the Instagram generation

Sustainable Business Grants: Funding Increases for 2018

Increased interest in sustainable tourism has seen increasing numbers of major companies and organisations  buying into the startup culture – with big money grants to innovative operators

Soksabike: Building a Truly Sustainable Tourism Business

New cycle touring startups are often billed as sustainable, but one Cambodian organisation is taking its responsibility to the local community as seriously as the transport it uses. Soksabike offers a unique mix of cultural sensitivity, eco-awareness and boosting prospects for local communities.