Overtourism: UNWTO Strategies for Managing Urban Destinations

The ‘Overtourism’ report by UNWTO aims to help stakeholders manage growing urban tourism flows and their impacts for the benefit of visitors and the cities’ hosts – the residents. Mallika Naguran reports.

World Tourism Day Marks Innovation & Startup Contest

World Tourism Day Marks Innovation & Startup Contest

This year’s World Tourism Day on 27 September places importance on harnessing innovation and digital advances to improve tourism effects, plus a startup contest seeks to celebrate clever ideas that will lead the transformation of the tourism sector.

Environmental Justice for 2013 Bertam Valley Flood Victims

TNB was found liable for negligence in causing the 2013 environmental disaster involving torrential water flow from the Sultan Abu Bakar Hydroelectric Dam causing fatalities, severe flooding and property damage in Cameron Highlands. Lawyer M.Manogaran also calls for a new legislation - a Dam Safety Act - to protect the interest of the public.

Electric Air Taxis Curbing Pollution Already Flying!

Congestion and pollution are seen as increasingly serious problems for city dwellers. Aircraft manufacturers are looking at solving both issues using smart electric air taxis and buses that cut both journey time and emissions.

LEDs and Carbon Emission: Half a Billion CO2 Tonnes Saved in 2017

LEDs are more efficient than incandescent lights - fact. But just how much does this efficiency really impact on global greenhouse gas emissions? Research suggest it could be around half a billion tonnes of CO2 emissions saved so far.