Urban Design

Green Engineering: Building Developer Promotes Non-Car Behaviour

The transport sector contributes 28% of Greenhouse gas emissions in the US. One developer is nudging tenant behaviour by providing an immediate economic benefit to residents of a new development who cut car usage and use public transport or carpooling instead.

Electric Air Taxis Curbing Pollution Already Flying!

Congestion and pollution are seen as increasingly serious problems for city dwellers. Aircraft manufacturers are looking at solving both issues using smart electric air taxis and buses that cut both journey time and emissions.

LEDs and Carbon Emission: Half a Billion CO2 Tonnes Saved in 2017

LEDs are more efficient than incandescent lights - fact. But just how much does this efficiency really impact on global greenhouse gas emissions? Research suggest it could be around half a billion tonnes of CO2 emissions saved so far.

Sustainable Art & Power: LAGI Prize Offers $16,000

A US-based organisation, LAGI, is offering US$21,000 to designers and artists who can create the best and most workable sustainable energy generators – that are also great to look at. By James Teo.

Urban design: How the bicycle is changing cities

Researchers are discovering that younger city dwellers are moving away from car ownership towards more sustainable transport methods. One of the key drivers is the rapidly increasing use of bicycles, and expanding provision of bike-friendly infrastructure. Today, it’s cool to be a city biker.