Scuba Professional - A Book for Sport Diver Training & Operations

New book release! Scuba Professional - Insights into Sport Diver Training & Operations by Simon Pridmore is a must read for dive masters and instructors. Available in paperback and for Kindle.

By Mallika Naguran

Singapore, 23 July 2015. I am pleased to announce that Gaia Discovery contributor Simon Pridmore (left) has published his second book that'll make the underwater world a lot clearer for dive enthusiasts. Scuba Professional is also the natural successor to Simon Pridmore’s first book, Scuba Confidential - An Insider's Guide to Becoming a Better Diver, which I simply loved reading, having dived for more than a decade, and still be able to pick up many useful tips from the book. I recommend this to all divers, especially those who are at beginner and intermediate levels.

Both books are worth to have on your shelves. Based on decades of dive experience, the author of Scuba Confidential gives you rare insights into scuba diving that cannot be found in any dive certification text books. Scuba Professional takes one further as it presents how diving is taught and how dive operations are conducted. Wish to be better at being a dive ambassador? Well, read this.

“The ultimate backstage pass into the business of scuba.”Jill Heinerth

Scuba Professional is an excellent source of out-of-the-box ideas and independent, objective advice for instructors and dive operators. It is also an indispensable guide for those aspiring to become dive professionals with chapters such as “Do You Have What It Takes?” and “Which Training Agency?” In short, this is everything you wanted to know about working in scuba diving but never dared to ask.

“I wish this book had been available 20 years ago!” Tamara Thomsen, Master Instructor, Cave Instructor & Owner Diversions Scuba, Madison

Although primarily aimed at those who make aliving from recreational diving, principally instructors, Scuba Professional also offers a fascinating insight into the business side of the sport that all divers will appreciate. Everyone who takes more than a passing interest in scuba diving will be fascinated by the topics addressed and the insights offered. From a dive safety point of view, Simon looks at the bigger picture and sets out something of a framework for developing the safety culture within our sport. He also examines the present state of the industry and analyses recent trends with a view to the future.

“There is quite simply nothing like this book: the ultimate backstage pass into the business of scuba.” Jill Heinerth, Technical Instructor Trainer & Filmmaker

Scuba Professional is currently available worldwide via Amazon in paperback and e-book versions.

Paperback 304 pages

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ISBN-10: 1507621078 ISBN-13: 978-1507621073

About the Author

Over the last three decades, Simon Pridmore has worked as an instructor, instructor trainer and instructor trainer-trainer. He was one of the pioneers of technical diving in Asia and has owned a dive centre, run two regional diver training agency franchises and been international sales manager for a dive computer and rebreather manufacturer. He knows this industry! He is the author of Scuba Confidential – An Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Better Diver, has written articles for a host of dive magazines, spoken about diving at conferences on four continents and organised dive tours all over the world. He currently lives in Bali, Indonesia.