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How To Involve Locals in Scuba Dive Operations for Sustainability

No Dive Centre Is an Island. In this new piece, written especially for Gaia Discovery and adapted from a chapter in his book Scuba Professional, Simon Pridmore reveals that running a successful dive centre or resort, especially in a remote location, involves far more than just taking people diving. Among other things, you have to integrate local residents in your dive operation at ALL levels and focus your conservation efforts on people, not just fish and reefs.

Review of Panglao Island Diving with SeaQuest: Balicasag and Coastal Dives

here is more to Panglao island than Balicasag - a famed dive destination in the Philippines that has earned honorable mention in most dive guides, even clinching top ten rankings in reviews.

Asia Divers in Puerto Galera, Philippines - Good Diving From Leisure to Technical Scuba

Diving experience in the Philippines ranks high when compared to top dive destinations as it sits within the Coral Triangle, or the heart of the world’s richest marine biodiversity that can ever be realized. Dive review in Puerto Galera.