Climate Change

Carbon Tax and Our Climate Actions

The Singapore government has established a carbon tax law to be made effective in 2019. What are the impacts of the upcoming carbon tax on various stakeholders? How may Singaporeans respond to it and take actions to reduce our carbon footprint? The NUS’ MSc Environmental Management (MEM) Alumni Group is organising a seminar titled "Carbon Tax and Our Climate Actions".  Speakers from different sectors will share their perspectives. All are welcome to this free event. 

ASEAN Focus for Climate Action Forum 2018

Conference to Drive Investment in Clean and Green Growth

SINGAPORE, 26 January 2018. Climate Action Forum 2018 will draw attention to key climate challenges facing ASEAN, the need to implement policies and the sense of urgency required to drive investment in green and clean growth in the region.

“A two-day workshop is being planned in May followed by a conference in July to coincide with Singapore International Water Week,” said Ken Hickson in a phone interview with Gaia Discovery. Hickson is the Chairman of Sustain Ability Showcase Asia (SASA), an organiser of the forum along with another home-grown enterprise, Green in Future

Climate Action Forum highlights the latest on climate science, as well as the climate nexus of water, energy and food security, and the investment opportunities linked to climate change mitigation.

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The event will involve the People, Private and Public (3P) sectors locally and in ASEAN, as well as financial institutions, youth and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).  He added that these events will complement Singapore's Year of Climate Action.

Professor Jeff Obbard: "Climate change needs urgent action"

Professor Jeff Obbard: "Climate change needs urgent action"

The Chairman of the Organising Committee is Professor Jeff Obbard, an environmental scientist, ecologist and engineer, who previously served as Director for the Sustainable Development and Water Alliance at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Professor Obbard expects the Climate Action Forum to stress the sense of urgency needed to deal with the impacts of climate change which are already making their presence felt in ASEAN and other tropical regions.

"There is a need for greater awareness in ASEAN of what needs to be done to deal with the greater frequency of extreme weather events linked to climate change and how the public and private sectors can work together to build climate resilience in countries, cities and communities".

Climate Action Forum complements the line up of activities in the Singapore’s Year of Climate Action.

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