Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference 2019

This year the 27th Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference will be held in Cairns, Queensland, just a wave away from the Great Barrier Reef. Over three days between 2 to 4 December 2019, the conference will see regional and international speakers and experts update attendees on the pressing issues impacting eco-tourism across Southeast Asia.

2019 Taiwan Modern Tourism Forum in Kaohsiung

Bringing people together to discuss trends and innovation in ecotourism, sustainable tourism, mountain tourism and more, Taiwan Modern Tourism Forum takes place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan from 15 to 16 October 2019.

The Taiwan Modern Tourism Forum provides a platform where tourism trends and innovative ideas could be shared along with learning experiences benefiting local participants. The two-day event focuses on how to develop sustainable tourism through culture, ecology and economy. This is in line with the current Year of Taiwan Small Town Ramble and next year’s Year of Mountain Tourism, both designated by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau.

Kaohsiung’s attractions include the Lotus Lake. Courtesy

Kaohsiung’s attractions include the Lotus Lake. Courtesy

International speakers will convene in Kaohsiung to address topics within three main tracks: the way to develop sustainable tourism; the responsible travel – ecotourism; and the attraction of mountain tourism. Expected audiences are people from tourism related industry, government and institutions.

Keynote speakers at 2019 Taiwan Modern Tourism Forum are Mallika Naguran, Founder & Managing Editor of Gaia Discovery (Topic: Rethinking Sustainability in Tourism); Jennifer Koskelin Gibbons – Co-founder Palau Pledge (Topic: The Challenges of Ecotourism- Palau Pledge Project); and Keisuke Ootake, Director of Public Projects and Business Division of Whole Earth Nature School (Topic: Ecotourism Development of Mount. Fuji).

TMT Forum At A Glance

Theme: Sustainable Tourism and Ecotourism

Dates: 15-16 October 2019

Venue: National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying)

(No.1, Sanduo 1st Rd., Fengshan Dist., Kaohsiung City 83075, Taiwan)

Post Forum Field Trip

On day two of the forum, participants are invited to go on a learning field trip to Weiwuying.  What used to be a military center is now a vibrant 116-acre parkland, capturing the culture and imagination of Southern Taiwan in the performing arts.  

A highlight is the 1.51million-square-foot National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts at the end of the park. It blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors and is both solid and void.  Pre-registration is required for this tour.

The National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts sits on a parkland that was once a military base in Taiwan. It is also the venue of the 2019 Taiwan Modern Tourism Forum.

The National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts sits on a parkland that was once a military base in Taiwan. It is also the venue of the 2019 Taiwan Modern Tourism Forum.

More About TMT Forum 

Last year, representatives from Guam Tourism Bureau, Malaysian Sarawak Tourism Bureau, and Cittaslow International were invited to share insights and practical experiences based on the following themes: "Marketing the South Island Culture from the Tribal Experience Tourism" and "Talking about the Tourism Potential of Taiwanese Towns from International Trends".

The 2019 Taiwan Modern Tourism Forum is hosted by Tourism Bureau of Taiwan and organised by Taiwan Visitors Association (TVA).  

For travelling in Taiwan, visit Taiwan Tourism Bureau for some great information.

For administration or policy information and statistics about Taiwan, visit Tourism Bureau, MOTC.

Global Eco Asia-Pacific Conference 2018

Ecotourism Australia’s 26th Annual Conference has focus points on the marketing, management and innovation of ecotourism along with the protection of natural and cultural assets such as indigenous sites and the Great Barrier Reef.

Biorock gives coral reefs a chance to bounce back. Thomas Goreau will be explaining how at 2018 Global Eco Asia-Pacific Conference. Courtesy GCRA

Biorock gives coral reefs a chance to bounce back. Thomas Goreau will be explaining how at 2018 Global Eco Asia-Pacific Conference. Courtesy GCRA

In 2018, the Global Eco Asia-Pacific Conference focuses on the evolving role of ecotourism in economic development, good conservation outcomes, and cultural understanding. It takes place from 26 to 28 November 2018 in Townsville, Queensland.

Ecotourism is often described as a ‘niche’ part of the industry, but it represents an estimated 25% of the Australian tourism industry. The Great Barrier Reef alone represents an economic, social and icon asset value of $56 billion. It supports 64,000 jobs and contributes $6.4 billion to the Australian economy’ (Deloitte, Access Economics, 2017). Ecotourism is the standard bearer for sustainable tourism and is being embraced by the mainstream industry.

This year, Global Eco Asia-Pacific will bring together the key players that can evolve this critical sector of the tourism industry – the operators, protected area managers, destination developers, applied researchers and destination marketers.

Event: Global Eco Asia-Pacific Conference

Dates: 26-28 November 2018

Venue: Rydges Southbank Convention Centre on Palmer Street, Townsville

Keynote speakers include Hon Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister of Belize & Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, Belize; Meaghan Scanlon MP, Assistant Minister for Tourism Industry Development, Queensland Government; Michael Groom, Renowned Adventurer and Mountain Climber; Dr Wendy Craik AM, Chair, Climate Change Authority; and Africa Berdonces, Freelance Naturalist Tour Guide, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

Speakers include Katherine Zischka, Director, Australian Committee for IUCN Inc; Lizzie Corke, CEO, Conservation Ecology Centre; Andrew Flannery, Eco-Active Business Leader, Spicers Group And Turner Family Foundation; and Dr. Thomas Goreau, President, Global Coral Reef Alliance & Biorock Technology Inc.

There will also be a full day technical tour to two of Australia’s leading Reef Research and management organisations - the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) and the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS).

Registration is now open for tourism practitioners and stakeholders to this ecotourism conference. Check out the program for further information on the sessions and speakers.

Carbon Tax and Our Climate Actions

The Singapore government has established a carbon tax law to be made effective in 2019. What are the impacts of the upcoming carbon tax on various stakeholders? How may Singaporeans respond to it and take actions to reduce our carbon footprint? The NUS’ MSc Environmental Management (MEM) Alumni Group is organising a seminar titled "Carbon Tax and Our Climate Actions".  Speakers from different sectors will share their perspectives. All are welcome to this free event. 

#TogetherForWildlife for Animal Conservation in Southeast Asia

Wish to support conservation efforts around Southeast Asia? Wildlife Reserves Singapore will take your pledge, convert it to money and then channel it to boost animal advocacy and field conservation groups at the local and regional level. Changes on the ground, or better still, progress (we hope) is measured and reported.