Gaia Discovery Launches Coral Reef Gardening & Restoration

Gaia Discovery takes on coral gardening and assisted reef restoration programmes and invites scuba divers from around the world to join its scheduled group trips beginning 14 May 2011.

Gaia Discovery has partnered with Big Bubble dive centre to clean up existing coral reefs and lay new ones at Gili Trawangan, off Lombok in Indonesia. Through this initiative, the island will have new coral reefs that will provide shelter for fish, encourage new fish growth, promote marine biodiversity and prevent beach erosion. The programmes benefits the island's fishing industry and marine tourism that are under threat due to environmental pollution, climate change and warming temperatures.

The dive trip will include presentations on ecology, marine protection, reef gardening and restoration techniques involving GCRA's Biorock®. Scuba divers will be involved in the entire process of coral reef restoration – from the design and construction of a heavy steel frame structure, to laying it down beneath the sea where scattered broken coral fragments will be collected from the seabed and attached to the frame.

Two Groups Needed:

  • Reef gardening activity involves 5 nights and 6 days, starting from 14 May 2011
  • Coral reef restoration involves 7 nights and 8 days,  starting from 14 May 2011

Accommodation: Big Bubble, Gili Trawangan off Lombok, Indonesia

Interested parties and corporations intending to ride on these programmes for their CSR projects should contact Gaia Discovery for further enquiries and rates. Groups can meet in Singapore or on Gili Trawangan to commence the programme.

Enquiries & Booking

Mallika- mal AT gaiadiscovery DOT com Mobile: +65 9663 7289 Skype: malgaia