Carnival by Balik Kampung@Bottle Tree Park

Carnival Celebrating Eco Life to Lower Carbon Emissions - A Ground-up Initiative project

This event is mooted by first by  to get everyone to cut carbon by 10% starting 2010 and then adopted by  to put a definitive figure CO2 from current 392 parts per million to 350 parts in the atmosphere, which is the safe limit for humanity.
10.10.10 will be a day of global doing and a day to celebrate climate solutions.

Date: 10.10.2010

Time: Morning to Night

Venue: Bottle Tree Park, Yishun, Singapore

NGOs, sponsors, exhibitors welcome!

The stalls will be divided into the following category:

1. Education/ Exhibition organisations - schools, green groups, NPO and so on can use this to educate the public on global warming issues and solutions.

2. Food & beverage stalls - it has been agreed only vegetarian food will be sold

3. Merchandise stalls - all healthy, eco, natural products.


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