Gaia Grooves Gig: Trees and Haze Focus

“Oh Tree, We Love Thee” - That's the theme of the first ever gig staged by Gaia Grooves.

Singapore 1 June 2014. In exactly one month from now, Singapore can take comfort from the impending haze at a very special gig.

Gaia Grooves Gig is a charity event with Asia's finest jazz, soul, roots and R&B in an intimate setting for those who love nature. The premiere event is themed on trees and rainforests, as such, deforestation issues will be also discussed against a musical setting. 

Haze, or transboundary air pollution, affects Singapore yearly due to forest/plantation fires in neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia.

Gaia Discovery, the organiser of this event, hopes to raise awareness of the social and environmental impacts caused by this extreme environmental disaster through live events, in addition to articles and research. Founder Mallika Naguran says, "Music is a medium through which people can be moved from within to love nature. The gig supports Gaia Discovery with the fundamental mission of reaching out to people, towards change for the better."

"Why Gaia? Because she is the only home we have," Mallika (aka Missy Gaia) added.  

Gaia Grooves brings the finest musicians together to pay tribute to trees.

Gaia Grooves Gig will be held every two months, each themed on a distinct socio-environmental issue. It will begin in Singapore and extend to the region along with the support of corporate sponsors and like-minded artistes.

The inaugural Gaia Grooves Gig on 1 July 2014 will showcase the best of vocalists and musicians, such as: Richard Jackson, Praveen Abraham (aka Keys Abraham), Christy SmithWei Xiang and Eddie Layman.

The final set of the night will invite the audience, particularly youths, to jam along with their musical or literary talent, such as singing, instrumental, original song composition or poetry reading.

The venue partner of this event is Blu Jaz Cafe (11 Bali Lane, 2nd floor in the Bugis district of Singapore)

Cover charge $30 (adult) and $25 (student) includes a drink (wine, spirits, pint of beer) and lucky draw entry. The grand prize is a trip to a destination with unspoilt nature, Timor-Leste, sponsored by Air Timor.  

Booking ahead knocks off some dollars, so book up early with Peatix.

Proceeds from the event go towards funding environmental awareness and bursary programs to fight pollution, restore health and save lives.

Hand painted limited edition T Shirts and tote bags by marine environmentalist Anuar Abdullah of Ocean Quest along with handwoven baskets by tribal women in the Philippines will be displayed for your purchase as well. Come support! 

Gaia Grooves supports NGOs through the sale of unique items like this hand painted T-shirt by Malaysia's marine conservationist Anuar Abdullah, modelled by Zdravko Trivic.

Official Event Page: Gaia Grooves Facebook

Event inquiry: 65-9663 7289

Twitter: gaiagrooves

About Gaia Discovery:

Gaia Discovery is a sustainability consultancy and online publication on sustainable living, responsible tourism and heritage. Its sister organisation Gaia Grooves promotes environmental awareness through music in an intimate setting.

What is Gaia? According to Greek mythology, Gaia is the Goddess of Earth. Of late, Gaia has been associated with the concept of earth as a compact entity with precious eco-systems.

Gaia Discovery would like to thank sincerely the following: Artistes for their time and talent; Air Timor for their generous sponsorship of an air ticket to Timor-Leste; Venue partner Blu Jaz Cafe for extending their kindness; and volunteers who just love to support a good cause. Special thanks to Mizah Rahman for the design of poster and photography of T-shirt modelling.