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Adopt an eco solution or two by consulting with Gaia Discovery. We are headquartered in Singapore, servicing businesses in Southeast Asia and beyond. Gaia Discovery's strength lies in looking at the big picture in integrating the various aspects of the business operations for the least impact on nature, ecosystems and communities. Share with us the environmental challenges you face and we will look for the most efficient and cost-effective solutions in the market. 

While we focus on the rapidly growing (too often polluting and damaging) tourism and hospitality sectors, we wish to spread the joy of going green to all individuals and businesses for their residential or commercial properties. We will be thrilled to give some preliminary advice. Because we care for Gaia.

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Mission Statement:

Help businesses go green. 



1. Promote responsible business operations for the benefit of the environment, in particular the tourism and hospitality sectors.

2. Give practical advice and recommend sensible cost-effective solutions for carbon neutral operations.

3. Guide in the implementation of eco solutions in an integrated way and help in the attainment of green certification.


Consulting Areas:

Environmental Management (assess environmental impacts, install meters on high energy equipment and provide alternatives and tools)

Marine Survey (scan, assess and report on the impacts on marine health caused by building, construction and nature)

Coral Reef Restoration (growing new coral reefs, restoring eroded beaches using effective technologies and processes such as Biorock)

Building/equipment/appliance Assessment (review of existing materials/appliances used and suggesting new eco-friendly techniques and products)

Energy Utilisation and Efficiencies (review of the grid, power source, distributed and consumed)

Alternative Energy Sources (photovoltaic cells, wind turbines, tidal, wave, hydro energy systems)

Water Treatment & Savings (including pure drinking water generation)

Waste Management and recycling

Policy and Framework (task senior staff with environmental management, institute measurements of progress, draw up suitable policies)

Standards and Certification


Specific Solutions and Products We Can Readily Provide:



Solar Energy

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems refer to a wide variety of solar electricity systems. The silicon material used converts sunlight into electricity. PV systems are used in a number of ways, primarily to power homes, businesses and plants that have a connection with the electricity grid supplied by the municipal or government power plant. PV is also a convenient solution for places that do not have ready or cheap electricity source, such as islands and remote operations.

The use of solar energy can reduce your reliance on other forms of energy to any degree you choose, depending on the size of system. In some places, excess electricity can be channeled back into the electricity grid, and you can be paid for it. Solar PV systems can also be used in combination with wind turbines to produce energy on cloudy or windy days.


  • No air pollution or hazardous waste
  • Doesn't require liquid or gaseous fuel to be transported or combusted
  • This energy source is free, clean and highly reliable
  • Long lifetime, 20 years
  • Varied materials ideal for all kinds of roofing
  • Low maintenance costs

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Solar Water Heaters 

Solar water heaters are a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home, office, resort or hotel. Solar heaters can be connected directly to one unit (guest room) or networked for central distribution systems in larger resorts and hotels. They can also be used in any climate, and the power that they use - sunshine - is free. 

Solar water heating systems include storage tanks and solar collectors, which are usually mounted on the rooftop. There are active and passive solar water heating systems. An active system refers to pressurized models, while passive refers to non- or low-pressure models.


  • No air pollution or hazardous waste
  • No liquid or gaseous fuel is transported or combusted
  • Energy source - sunshine – is free, clean, highly reliable
  • Easy installation, low maintenance
  • Long lifetime

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Wind Energy

Wind turbines that harness wind energy have blades of varying sizes to cater to different energy requirements. They come not just in horizontal format as in the free blade propeller, they are also available in vertical axis formats. The kind of wind turbine that is most suitable depends on a number of factors such as space availability, shifting winds and power requirements. 

This is a low environmental impact energy source for hilly and coastal areas. A small 5kW turbine produces 20-30 kW per day at most sites, which is ideal for places with remote power systems and for grid integration. Wind turbines can be used in combination with PV systems to tap into varying clean energy sources for uninterrupted power supply.


  • Free, clean and reliable energy source
  • Excellent low wind performance
  • Cost efficient and effective
  • Little space area required
  • Easy installation, grid connection and easily expandable

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Ocean Energy Converter

The movement of the waves in the sea can be converted into electrical energy. The consistent force generated by waves produces reliable power, rain or shine and in any climate. Wave energy is a fast path towards a renewable power system.

This energy solution is suitable for small hotels and resorts, even in remote areas where electricity from the power grid is unavailable. Scalable for greater outputs.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Highly accessible
  • Virtually no environmental impact
  • Energy source is wave - free, clean, highly reliable
  • Easy installation
  • Durable

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Hydro Energy

Of all the small renewable energy systems around, a small hydro system - where it's feasible - may be most cost-effective and reliable. If you have running water near your property, you may want to consider investing in this natural resource. A micro-hydro system very simply takes the energy available from a falling stream of water and converts it into usable electricity. Also works well in combination with solar (PV) and wind turbines.

A micro-hydro system can mean ready and accessible energy around the clock, if you have a steady stream of water. All that is required is a fall of several feet high, and a micro-hydro system, consisting of piping, turbine generator and integration with regular power systems (where possible).

  • Free, clean and reliable energy source
  • Very affordable and effective system
  • Easy installation, grid connection

As with other renewable energy systems, micro-hydro systems can be free-standing, hybrid or grid-integrated.


LED Lamps

LEDs are the most environmentally-sound and energy-efficient lamps compared to others. LED is short for light-emitting diodes and are made of semi-conductor materials with no mercury or toxic components. This is an ecologically safer choice over compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs that are being marketed as “energy saving” even though they pollute the land and waterways (thus people and wildlife) due to inadequate disposal or recycling means.

New developments have ushered in an exciting range of LED models  that can be used in various practical applications for the home and office. LEDs are suitable for small and large building premises with the variety of  globe, spotlight and tubing lamps – these can readily available and easily replace existing lamps used.

LED lamps offer long service life and high-energy efficiency - 80% energy savings can be realized immediately.

  • Long life span of up to 50,000 hrs  (up to 10 years based on 6 hour use daily)
  • Environmentally friendly – no mercury or other hazardous compounds
  • Very energy efficient; low voltage operation results in energy and cost savings
  • Vivid saturation colours
  • High vibration and shock tolerance
  • Rapid start-up time
  • Up to 80% savings in energy
  • Additional 70% savings in energy when using motion sensor
  • Reduced maintenance and replacement costs
  • Able to apply and trade for carbon credits annually
  • IP54 water-and dust-proof rating
  • UV-free which reduces insect attraction
  • Flicker-free, for comfort to the eyes

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Balers & Waste Compactors

Compactors are hydraulic presses that crush waste and recyclables to handy, transportable sizes. One tenth to one fifth of the size can be compressed depending on the material. This could effectively free you of 90% of the space, which can be better used for other purposes.

Compressible materials include cardboards, different kinds of plastics, aluminium and steel cans. Balers are effective in compacting and packaging for the recycling of cardboard and other papers e.g. magazines. They automatically “bind” the paper into neat bales. Balers and compactors are essential for efficient operations for resorts, hotels and production plants.


  • Helps in the sorting process of waste materials for recycling
  • Saves money with greater, productivity and reduced transportation
  • Efficient, hygienic solution
  • High safety standards
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Easy to use
  • Smaller models need little operating area, freeing up costly space

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Compost Machines

Turn waste into nutrient-rich fertilizers with compost machines. 





Excellent for industry, condominiums and big kitchens in particular, the compost machine is a powerful equipment that shreds and grinds waste materials into smaller pieces before processing them in a two- part chamber. An optional automatic pellet doser takes the human activity out of the equation; it senses and adds the correct amount of pellets each time. Two weeks later, you get fresh compost that can fertilize gardens and parks. Special compostable paper bags are available for easy waste drop off into the hopper - ideal for residents in a green condominium or housing estate.


* Easy and convenient - no worms, tilling needed

* Hygienic and smell-free compact machines

* Highly automated with smart sensors

* Robust with stainless steel and recycled polythene

* Suitable for up to 100 households


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Swimming Pool Systems

It is important for all pools – in hotels, resorts, houses, public and private clubs - to maintain optimum water quality of the pools to promote good health by preventing skin diseases, bacteria growth, and algae formation. To have good water maintenance, you need good pumps for correct water flow, good filter system to sieve out impurities, and non-toxic chemicals as disinfectants. Inadequate maintenance, lack of water balance, poor water purification and old systems may lead to harmful consequences for swimmers.

The pool’s ambient temperature can also be harnessed and integrated into the heating and cooling requirements of your property. This is a clean energy source that can be tapped, reducing your overall utility bills.


  • Optimum hygiene standards with clean water
  • Maximum clarity of water
  • Hazard-free environment for swimmers
  • Low impact on soil and outflow into the rivers
  • Energy efficiency utilization

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Coral Reef Restoration

In places where there has been destruction or degradation of corals and reefs, diminishing the quality of fishery and marine life, it is possible to bring back new corals. Restoration is possible by introducing Biorock, a proven technique that promotes the growth of new corals on a specially constructed steel-enforced reef.

A low-powered electricity from a clean energy source or from the main grid is attached to the structure to hasten coral growth. The structures can be prepared according to custom requirements to fit the size and scale of the coral reef restoration project. Biorock has restored marine environments through the Global Coral Reef Alliance not-for-profit organization in more than 20 countries.


  • Serves as new breeding grounds for fish
  • Provides natural shelter and a safe harbour for fishes and critters
  • Nurtures healthy biodiversity of marine life
  • Promotes sand generation in eroding beaches
  • Protects coastlines from strong waves
  • Boosts marine activities such as snorkeling and diving 

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Green Events & Festivals

Too much waste is generated from corporate events, arts and music festivals, leaving pollution behind for the next generation to deal with. Irresponsible organising can be avoided with careful planning, consideration for the environment and a dash of eco-creativity. 

Gaia Discovery Eco Solutions can advise event and festival organisers on policies and practices to reduce pollution and waste, and be at hand to ensure that participants too take greener measures in getting to the event, concert grounds and back.


  • Less waste, less demands on landfill
  • More efficient use of precious resources like energy and water
  • Less pollution and carbon emissions
  • Exciting marketing of green souvenirs with festival branding
  • Public spiritedness leads to more positive image
  • Promotes loyalty among audiences who are pro conservation
  • Greater savings in short and long run through reduce, reuse and recycle


All enquiries welcome (from individuals, businesses, hotels, resorts, green product manufacturers and suppliers).

Please contact:

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Specialist, Eco Solutions

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 Photo of hotel courtesy of Imran Ahmad of Escape Inc.