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Action-packed Pridmore's "Under the Flight Path" Travel Memoir

Fast-paced, surprising, laugh out loud - Simon Pridmore's travel journals with his wife come alive in "Under the Flight Path: 15,000 kms Overland Across Russia, Mongolia & China". They went scuba diving in glacier lakes in the Altai Mountains and Baikal, practised herding goats on camelback in the Gobi Desert and survived life-threatening encounters. Get transported to far flung places by getting your copy of Under the Flight Path.




Culture and Geology of Bali’s Mountains and Lakes

Why are mountains so important to the Balinese? Simon Pridmore explains the cultural and religious significance of the geological landscapes of Bali in the first of a two-part series. 

Culture and Geology of Bali’s Mountains and Lakes: Part Two

Bali was created and shaped by the growth and eruption of three major volcanoes. Its lakes and peaks form a stunning backdrop to the tourist-laden areas, but Bali offers much more. In the second part of his article, Simon Pridmore takes a closer look at Bali’s mountains and mountain lakes.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort - Aquaculture Tourism on Samal Island

Henrylito D. Tacio describes an idyllic beach resort in the south of Philippines that has a history of cultivating white-lipped oysters for pearls. 

National Parks: Tasmania’s Green History

The first National Park in the world was declared in 1872 by U.S. president Ulysses S. Grant. It was rightly seen as a massive milestone in the preservation of natural heritage. Not so well known is the fact that nine years before that, in a remote corner of Australia, the Governor of Tasmania signed an act to establish 'reserves for scenic purposes'. Tasmania got there first. By Jeremy Torr. 


Sustainable Tourism in India: Policies and Practices

India, a multiple-interest, all-season destination presents a range of opportunities for Sustainable Tourism to take root, more so in a land where harmonious human-nature relations have been a cornerstone of indigenous customs and folklore. By Prerna Shah





Paperless TravelEase Mobile App Connects Tourists to Asian Attractions

New mobile app TravelEase allows users to make advance booking for tours, attractions and shows in Singapore, soon Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo and Taipei. Plus, it's free. Mallika Naguran reports.


Asia Pacific Ecotourism Trends & Sustainable Tourism Development

Gaia Discovery’s publisher Mallika Naguran speaks to three industry experts for their views on ecotourism trends, developments and industry movements toward sustainability.


Myanmar Central Dry Zone: Crop Yields Drop Due To Salinization

It is known as Central Dry Zone and covers 13 districts and 57 townships in the region of Mandalay, Sagaing and Magway. Henrilito D.Tacio highlights problems related to soil salinization and consults experts on possible solutions.

Why is Seagrass Important to Biodiversity Yet Threatened?

The seagrass is highly beneficial to humans and coral health, explains Henrylito D. Tacio, as he interviews Dr. Miguel Fortes, the Philippines' aquatic expert.


Ten Responsible Tourism Operators in Southeast Asia

This year in its finale event, Wild Asia showcased ten former Responsible Tourism Award Winners and Finalists in an effort to share their replicable best practices. By Prerna Shah.


Contour Farming for Sustainable Management of Soil Erosion

 Conventional contour farming or terracing helps keep soil loss to a minimum in hilly terrain. But in order to maintain yields, other equally important issues also need to be considered. By Henrylito D. Tacio.





Shane Howard: Singing the Environment

As early as the 1970s, singer-songwriter Shane Howard championed the rights of Australia’s indigenous people and their country, and made a huge hit with the song Solid Rock. In an exclusive interview with Gaia Discovery, Howard discusses climate change and others with Mallika Naguran


Hitesh Mehta: On Ecotourism Trends in Asia from 2017

Hitesh S. Mehta, the president of HM Design, is a pioneer in the field of authentic ecotourism and a well sought-after ecotourism landscape architect, environmental planner and architect. Here, Mehta speaks to Mallika Naguran, the founder of Gaia Discovery, of his views on how ecotourism is likely to shape Asia in the years to come and about his next book - the second volume of Authentic Ecolodges.


Joanne Reed: Biodegradable PicknBin Bags Promote Nature Conservation

Joanne Reed - owner and managing director of PicknBin LLC - shares her motivation behind the design and marketing of a unique eco-friendly product: PicknBin Clean-up Kit that encases biodegradable bags and wet wipes in an easy-to-carry wallet for carrying trash and treasures alike. Mallika Naguran reports.




Sustainability: or just Sustainababble?

What exactly is sustainability? Author and scientist Haydn Washington asks if it has become such an overused word so as to become meaningless, rather than a key concept of the age.





Magic Tours for Authentic Experiences

Tourism can drive positive change – to bring deeper understanding between different cultures, provide economic benefits to local and disadvantaged communities. Deepa Krishnan, Founder of Magic Tours, relates how her business has brought about this new momentum in North India. Winner - Inspiring Stories from Destinations 2014.






How to Dive Right And Safe - Scuba Fundamental

Here's A New Book for New Scuba Divers. Scuba Fundamental -  Start Diving the Right Way by Simon Pridmore is a must read for new divers around the world, says Mallika Naguran.







Wild Nature Discovery at Cameron Highlands

A nature program for all to join, shares Mallika Naguran. Beyond manicured tea plantations, pretty strawberry farms and columned vegetable farms, Cameron Highlands has wildness within its forests along the mountain ranges. Walk on the wild side with Gaia Discovery!


Scuba Confidential - A Diver's Companion

Author Simon Pridmore has produced a unique new book packed full of valuable tips and expert advice giving you unprecedented access to the secrets of dive professionals and technical divers. Scuba Confidential - An Insider Guide to Becoming a Better Diver is currently available worldwide via Amazon in paperback and e-book versions.

Lie Back and Enjoy the Ride: A Recumbent Honeymoon

Newly-weds from Hungary couldn’t make up their minds how to go on honeymoon without causing pollution. So they decided to ride around the world on recumbent bicycles. By Jeremy Torr


Dive Timor-Leste to Support Woman's Cooperative Ai-Funan

Give to charity and take back a wealth of Timorese culture. That's the motive behind this unique dive trip put together by two social enterprises that aims to give soap makers in Timor-Leste a better chance of earning a livelihood.





Events & Festivals

13th UNWTO Awards Recognises Sustainable Commitment in Tourism

Guanajuato’s State Ministry of Tourism (Mexico), Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group (Belgium), Govardhan Ecovillage (India) and Dutch Travel Trade Association (Netherlands) were the winners of 13th Edition of the UNWTO Awards for Excellence and Innovation in Tourism. 


What's on at Malaysia International Dive Expo (MIDE) 2017? 

The 12th Malaysia International Dive Expo (MIDE) and the 4th Asia Dive Conference (ADCON) are scheduled from 12 to 14 May 2017 at Hall 1, Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Over the three days, dive enthusiasts can look forward to talks, photography sessions, great deals, kiddy activities and more.


Australia International Dive Expo 2017 Coincides with Sydney Boat Show

In 2017, and for the very first time, the Australia International Dive Expo (AIDE) is joining forces with the long-standing and hugely popular Sydney International Boat Show (SIBS) to bring water enthusiasts of all kinds the biggest recreational and sports water oriented event in Sydney, Australia from 3-7 August 2017 at the newly renovated International Convention Centre (ICC) in Sydney’s spectacular Darling Harbour.


UNWTO Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017 Begins in Spain

The International Tourism Fair in Spain (FITUR), taking place on January 18-22 in Madrid, comprises a number of events organized by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Activities will have a special focus on sustainable tourism, including the official presentation of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017 on January 18.

Green Buildings and Parks World 2017

The 3rd Green Buildings & Parks World will take place from 17 to 18 January 2017 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Organisers Confexhub expects more than 200 green building designers, architects, facilitators, urban planners and more from over 25 countries.  Themed  ‘Green Not Expensive - Expensive Not Green’     



How Sarawak Reforestation Gets a Boost From Musicians

Mallika Naguran joined Rainforest World Music Festival musicians in planting new mangroves at the ecologically-sensitive Kuching Wetland National Park that has a sad history.





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