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Gaia Discovery - Asia's premier independent publication reaching out to consumers and businesses from more than 100 countries daily


Gaia Discovery - Asia's premier sustainability publication reaching out to readers from 100 countries and more daily  




Robi Navicula: GINKalimantan Helps Kids Become Change Makers

Robi Navicula is one of GINBali’s founders and a leading voice in the growing Balinese youth empowerment and human rights movement. The lead singer of grunge rock band Navicula, Robi champions environmental and human rights causes in Indonesia. He asks for support in getting kids over to a unique conference in Kalimantan! By Kayti Denham. 


Kids Cut Palm Oil And So Can You

Meet a group of young students who are doing what they can to help you reduce palm oil in your life to protect forests and people. Kids Cut Palm Oil are one of the youth groups leading the GINKalimantan Conference. By Kayti Denham.


 Sustainability : or just Sustainababble?

What exactly is sustainablility? Author and scientist Haydn Washington asks if it has become such and overused word as to become meaningless, rather than a key concept of the age.





 Neoliberal Nightmare: Can geography help sustain the world?

The concentration of current political thinking on development and “progress” is not the best way to care for our planet, argues professor Mark Maslin of University College London.



Magic Tours for Authentic Experiences

Tourism can drive positive change – to bring deeper understanding between different cultures, provide economic benefits to local and disadvantaged communities. Deepa Krishnan, Founder of Magic Tours, relates how her business has brought about this new momentum in North India. Winner - Inspiring Stories from Destinations 2014 





Remembering Munir: Indonesia's Human Rights Activist

The struggle for Indonesian human rights by the famous activist Munir Said Thalib lives on.  I Gede Robi Supriyanto captures the life of the former director of Kontras (Commission for the Disappeared and Victims of Violence) and describes the opening of the Omah Munir (House of Munir) museum by Munir’s widow Suciwati in his hometown of Malang, East Java, on the day of Nelson Mandela’s passing.







Bird Watching Program at Cameron Highlands

Gaia Discovery invites birders based in Singapore and elsewhere to bask in the cool clime of Cameron Highlands. Out of the 662 species of birds that are found in the Checklist of the Birds of Peninsular Malaysia 2012, 177 bird species have been listed in the checklist for Cameron Highlands. So let's go birding! By Mallika Naguran



Five Things To Discover in Cameron Highlands 

Immerse yourself in the highland’s natural beauty, biodiversity, heritage and culture... and learning something about the forest ecology too. Mallika Naguran explores Cameron Highlands to give you travel tips.



The Gods of Timor-Leste


Timor-Leste is a country still struggling to find its feet after decades of violence at the hands of exploitative foreign powers. Even if the people have lost their faith in government or the powers that be, they have plenty of other support. Jeremy Torr reports.




Trekking in Doi Suthep National Park in Chiang Mai

Tammy Gouldstone takes a walk on the greener side of Northern Thailand with a group called Chiang Mai Hiking Group. She tells Gaia Discovery of her nature-filled experience at the Doi Suthep National Park. 



Philippines Beaches: White Sands, Clear Waters

Getaways are easy with many beaches to explore in the Philippines, and our writer describes his chosen few by Henrylito D. Tacio.



Maya Ubud Resort & Spa Promotes Active Learning

Green Globe certified resort in Bali, Maya Ubud, gets children to learn the right way, which is the fun way of course.





Why Nature Is Our Greatest Classroom

Do we do justice to nature and to inquiring children in confining education to the classroom? Is it ethical to disrupt ancient forests, wildlife and their habitats with treks and tours for intellectual pursuits? Kayti Denham asks herself some hard questions as she takes her students into the heart of Leuser Ecosystem, Indonesia.



Asia P3 Hub - Water Solutions First

Here's an incubator that you can approach if you would like to work with others to find solutions to social and environmental problems. Get in touch with World Vision International's first Asia Public-Private Partnerships Hub (Asia P3 Hub). By Mallika Naguran


Singapore Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil Formed

Haze, fires, irreparable destruction of forests and peat land… Singapore companies are coming together to deal with social and environmental impacts of palm oil through a new alliance. By Mallika Naguran

Making SDG Singapore's Business  

Singapore is stepping up to the task of fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals with the help of the business fabric.  By Mallika Naguran



GINKalimantan Conference 2016: Youths Dig Environmental Issues

Global Issues Networking Bali - Lots are in store for youths participating in the Kalimantan conference from 16-18 September 2016, which will centre largely on social and environmental issues. By Kayti Denham.


Book Review: Cycling Cultures by Peter Cox

Cycling Cultures edited by Peter Cox investigates the role of the Cargo Bicycle, how Immigrant Women Cyclists learn to ride in Holland, and why some cyclists think it sensible to ride 1600km non-stop in 90 hours in a Randonee. By Jeremy Torr.


Piasau Nature Reserve: Green Lung for Miri

Tree planting at this nature reserve alone may not fulfil Miri’s need for urban reprieve, reports Mallika Naguran at Borneo Jazz Festival 2016. Sarawak hosts the 11th jazz festival with international artistes at this event.




Marine Life


Coral Bleaching at Sisters' Island Due to Climate Impact

Extensive coral bleaching reported in Singapore's Sisters' Island Marine Park. Among the corals likely to be affected are those that were rescued from island conversion to make way for Singapore's waste disposal, reports Mallika Naguran.


How To Involve Locals in Scuba Dive Operations for Sustainability

Eco-tourism, eco-friendly dive centres and eco-resorts, community-based tourism... Simon Pridmore reveals that running a successful dive centre or resort, especially in a remote location, involves far more than just taking people diving.  


The Whale Sharks of Cendrawasih Bay

Swimming with whale sharks is something that only the lucky few will do on a regular basis. Simon Pridmore describes how getting in the way of these gentle giants can result in a bruising encounter too.


Robots Track Whales: Endangered Species Get Help 

Whales are big, tough mammals. But they get stranded on unfamiliar shores, they get hit by ships’ propellers – and even get caught in underwater installations. Anything that can help them is valuable – and a new underwater robot does exactly that. By Jeremy Torr.


Coral Bleaching Likely To Intensify - ICRS Consensus Statement

Rising ocean temperatures - a symptom and result of man-made climate change - are causing corals to lose their colour.  Henrylito D. Tacio reports that some 2600 scientists are calling for immediate global and local action to preserve these fragile ecosystems.





Book Review: Running with the Moon by Jonny Bealby

Adventure motorcycling is all the rage at the moment, but one man rode the length of Africa down the West coast in the late 80s, before GPS, before Google maps and definitely before Ewan and Charlie. Then he rode back up the East coast. His book isn’t just about the adventure though, it's about coping with what life throws at you. By Jeremy Torr.





Nature Discovery at Cameron Highlands

A nature program for all to join. Beyond manicured tea plantations, pretty strawberry farms and columned vegetable farms, Cameron Highlands has wildness within its forests along the mountain ranges. Walk on the wild side with Gaia Discovery as we take you to the heart of the montane forests up 6,000 feet high - so high, you'll be walking through clouds!


Scuba Confidential - A Diver's Companion

Author Simon Pridmore has produced a unique new book packed full of valuable tips and expert advice giving you unprecedented access to the secrets of dive professionals and technical divers, knowledge that you can use to develop your skills and become a safer, more confident and more capable diver. Scuba Confidential - An Insider Guide to Becoming a Better Diver is currently available worldwide via Amazon in paperback and e-book versions.


Lie Back and Enjoy the Ride: A Recumbent Honeymoon

A pair of newly-weds from Hungary couldn’t make up their minds how to go on honeymoon without adding too much pollution to the atmosphere. So they decided to ride around the world on recumbent bicycles. By Jeremy Torr


Dive Timor-Leste to Support Woman's Cooperative Ai-Funan

Give to charity and take back a wealth of Timorese culture. That's the motive behind this unique dive trip put together by two social enterprises that aims to give soap makers in Timor-Leste a better chance of earning a livelihood.





Culture, Nature, Social Enterprise at Rainforest World Music Festival 2016

From recycling to upcycling, Sarawak's headliner Rainforest World Music Festival 2016 showed its commitment to lower environmental impacts while staging higher musical and social impacts on fans. Mallika Naguran reports.




How Sarawak Reforestation Gets a Boost From Musicians

Mallika Naguran joined Rainforest World Music Festival musicians in planting new mangroves at the ecologically-sensitive Kuching Wetland National Park that has a sad history.



Gaia Grooves Gig: Trees and Haze Focus

A Gaia themed gig is set to rouse Singapore's awakening to the haze phenomenon and related deforestation issue. Featuring top musicians from the US, Singapore and from Sabah, Gaia Grooves Gig will premiere on 1 July. Mallika Naguran reports.





Borneo Jazz 2014 Lineup

Borneo Jazz will be held in Miri, Sarawak from the 9-10 of May 2014. Featuring Iriao from Georgia (pictured), Vocal Sampling from Cuba, Brassballett from Germany, Mario Canonge from Martinique/France, YK Band from Indonesia, Anthony Strong from the UK, Diana Liu from Sarawak and Lewis Pragasam from Malaysia. Mallika Naguran gives the line up.


Clean and Green Singapore 2014 Theme Song 

"Mother Nature's Cry" has been chosen to reflect the thrusts of environmental protection and care for nature by the National Environment Agency in Singapore. It is also the winning entry of the Eco Music Challenge 2013. Mallika Naguran tells more of the singer songwriters behind this video.

Beto Jamaica Rey Vallenato in Rainforest World Music Festival

Mallika Naguran talks to accordion maestro Beto Jamaica about his artform and his relentless journey to popularise a traditional music form, the cumbia and vallenato from Colombia's Caribbean coastal region.





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