Indonesia for Women: Tourism Beyond the Footprint

Today, more and more discerning travellers are opting for sustainable holidays. As the trend gathers momentum, there is an increasing awareness that standard “visit, tick off and snap a selfie” programmes don’t cut it for many travellers. Indonesia-based Wise Steps Travel has come up with an innovative and impactful journey, by Women for Women.

Learning from Indonesian women is an essential part of the Wise Steps Womens tour. Courtesy Wise Steps.

Learning from Indonesian women is an essential part of the Wise Steps Womens tour. Courtesy Wise Steps.

Sumba, Indonesia. 25 March 2019. “If you are a woman looking for a purposeful journey where you can exchange knowledge, treasure the beauty of mother nature and generate real impact, then you should consider joining our Woman’s Journey,” says Ayu Masita, founder of Wise Steps Travel. Billed as a unique and specialist experience their new tour - A Woman’s Journey - aims to immerse women in the culture of the Indonesian region, and to be inspired by their tradition and strength.

Ayu Masita, founder of Wise Steps Travel.

Ayu Masita, founder of Wise Steps Travel.

Ayu and the Wise Steps Travel team have designed what they call a ‘mindful adventure’ where women travellers can disconnect from their busy daily lives, create space for new encounters, and meet like-minded women from all over the world. “We also are building in the opportunity to visit local projects and initiatives led by inspiring women,” adds Ayu. These include coral reef rehabilitation, authentic cooking masterclasses, and a royal dinner with a princess.

 “My passion to be a wanderer has never stopped since I was a little girl,” she says. “And the more I travel, the more I believe on the power of educational, responsible and purposeful travel experiences.”

The 14-day journey ranges in a unique mix across the highlands, coasts and urban areas of Bali and Sumba islands to combine picturesque landscapes, pristine nature and cultural authenticity. The schedule promises an immersive experience with the purpose of supporting and opening up to women; one that will have an unforgettable impact on both the participants and on the many others the journey supports.

Cross-cultural learning is an important aspect of the Women’s Tour. Courtesy Wise Steps.

Cross-cultural learning is an important aspect of the Women’s Tour. Courtesy Wise Steps.

“I learned early on that one of the keys for sustainable development is information and education,” says Ayu. “And this journey brings you not only to beautiful places with warm loving people, but also allows you to participate in multiple sharing sessions; these will leave tour members and visited communities with precious and memorable experiences and insights, and hopefully inspire each other.” As part of this, Wise Steps tour members can discover new angles on existing beliefs, or just see how other people live and sustain their existing beliefs.

With more than 17,000 islands and an incomparable biodiversity for natural sciences, Indonesia is uniquely placed to be the ideal destination for many ground-breaking tours. It also offers millennia of history of kingdoms, religions, cultures, as well as the plentiful ethnic origins and remote tribes for social sciences. As such, it is equally suited for people who want to explore for research or documentary purposes. 

“We offer different products for different people who want to gain and share knowledge on their journeys in Indonesia,” says co-founder of Wise Steps Travel Matteo Bierschneider. “Our tours work to support the local communities, organisations, and environments in multiple ways. For example we work together with a local organisation to offset ours and our clients’ carbon emissions.”

Traditional skills can be learned by all guests on the tour. Courtesy Wise Steps.

Traditional skills can be learned by all guests on the tour. Courtesy Wise Steps.

And a key objective, says Matteo, is always to ensure that Wise Steps tours: “… leave a footprint where needed and reduce the footprint where ever possible.” All are based on the five Wise Steps Travel-Five E’s: Experience, Exchange, Education, Empowerment and Environment.

Wise Steps Travel also ensures that the tours offered are designed and organised responsibly, meaningfully, enjoyably, and fit personal requirements and interests. It also earmarks 10% of its proceeds for the education and training program. 

Going Beyond

As well as offering thematic group tours with a maximum of 12 participants such as the Women’s Journey, Wise Steps Travel is also customising individual experiences with special themes to cater to your wishes and interests. For example, Re-Voluntourism is the combination of Responsible Volunteering and Tourism that allows clients to work closely with communities and organisations to share knowledge and expertise, learn about local customs, and gain experience. Research & Study Trips encourage students or educational institutions to accumulate knowledge and local wisdom from across Indonesia, and provide local contacts and partners for collaboration in the field. Learn more about the Wise Steps Travel program here or watch our video by clicking here. Feel free to contact us for the detailed itinerary at We will be happy to welcome you to Wonderful Indonesia soon!

Womens Journey Tour Dates

  • 28th April – 11th May 2019

  • 26th May – 8th June 2019

  • 1st – 14th September 2019

  • 6th – 19th October 2019 

 Wise Steps Travel is a Gaia Discovery Preferred Partner in acknowledgement of their responsible practices. Share this code to get preferential treatment and cool gifts in support of local community enterprises. Booking Code: GAIAWISE