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Gaia Discovery needs the support of tourism and environment ministries, non-governmental organisations, private enterprises, big and small commercial corporations, associations and societies from around the world to open doors, sustain our work and create further opportunities.

Brands around the world can seek alliance with Gaia Discovery through partnership at numerous creative levels; you can perpetuate your corporate message and reach out to thousands of avid readers in a highly segmented and most targeted way.

Who’s a Gaia Discovery Reader?
The adventurous traveller seeking budget to luxurious travel in unique, offbeat destinations.

The environmentally conscious who are also:

    • Sportsmen and sports lovers
    • Nature and outdoor lovers
    • Environmentalists
    • Educators
    • Health practitioners
    • Students at tertiary levels
    • Artists and art lovers
    • Human resources and communications executives

Also, hotel, spa, tours and restaurant service providers worldwide.

Contact the Editor on just who is reading Gaia Discovery, and how many.

Be a Sponsor or Advertiser

This portal is created through self-finance; there is no loan, grants or investment from any organisation. To keep it going, however, financial support is required. 

Gaia Discovery aims to partner suitable entities through sponsorship or advertising arrangement to jointly bring its readers useful messages, vibrant content, can’t-miss reader participation programmes and thrilling promotions.

As a Gaia Discovery partner, you get visibility through a range of publicity mechanisms, promotion programmes and customer events. Most importantly, you get to reach out to a ready consumer base in a highly targeted way. And consistently too, to build that essential rapport and familiarity with your brand.

Here are the various positions for branding through banner advertisements on this site and links. 

Contact the Editor for partnering information and enquiries at mal AT gaiadisovery AT com.


Be a Donour

As an individual,  you can show your support by donating to Gaia Discovery to help the editor sustain this publication. 


Can you Write?

We have to act together to save the planet. Gaia Discovery is run by an extremely lean team, which could do with some external help to keep it brimming with fresh, first hand tales.

Be a Contributor
If you wish to be a writer or are already one, you can drop the Editor a note. We need content in the form of editorial, videos, audios and photographs.

Do not send in unsolicited materials; make the initial contact and introduction, and the rest will follow. Writers will be supplied with an editorial guide and house style to stick to closely.

Why Contribute?

  • You get to create awareness of the importance of the environment
  • You enrich travellers with your experience, views and skills
  • You receive recognition and acknowledgement through bylines
  • You become part of Gaia Discovery network of global writers
  • You become a change agent for a greener world

Make a contribution today. Contact the Editor at mal AT gaiadisovery AT com as the first step.