BEST Community Project with Kg Kobon and Kg Mandamai

A Community Project Update in Sabah, East Malaysia.

On 2 August 2014, BEST Society and SkyCommunity visited the village of Kg Kobon to follow up with the villagers that received water tanks in Pitas Bengkoka Living Water Project Phase 4. A total of 30 units of 400 gallons water tanks were delivered to them on the 9th July, 2014.

After interviewing a few recipients of the water tanks, we found that unfortunately, due to the drought season, it has not rained since the tanks were delivered so the villagers could not tell us how well they worked. The villagers expressed their anticipation at being able to easily collect clean water and not having to be so heavily dependent on the distant river. They said that the rainwater collected would be mostly used for drinking and cooking while washing clothing and other things will still be done at the river.

Since there is a lack of rain in the region, it is clear to BEST Society and SkyCommunity that the water tank is not a completely reliable solution. We also brought along a portable water filter that filters up to 10,000 gallons of water and showed the villagers how to use it in drought season.

In the afternoon, we visited Mandamai Village, where a few families had also received water tanks in Phase 3. However, we found that a few of the water tanks had not yet been installed since to lack of knowledge. We encouraged them to learn from Kg Kobon village and work together in order to solve this problem. Hopefully when we return for a visit in September, they will all be set up and fully operational for the coming rainy season.

Trekking to Kobon villageOne of our volunteers interviewing the water tank recipient (Rusnah Amlin)


















Discussion with the villagers of KobonA water tank in use in Kg Kobon












Demonstrating the method of operating mini water filter to Mejol Sukuan

One of the water tanks in Mandamai village was not installed to their house











Reproduced with permission from BEST.