Asia P3 Hub - Water Solutions First

World Vision International launched the first Asia Public-Private Partnerships Hub (Asia P3 Hub) in Singapore, an incubator that works with companies, startups and non-profit organizations to build strategic, mutually-beneficial partnerships and bring about transformational change within communities across Asia Pacific.

BEST Community Project with Kg Kobon and Kg Mandamai

On August 2, 2014, BEST Society and SkyCommunity visited the village of Kg Kobon to follow up with the villagers that received water tanks in Pitas Bengkoka Living Water Project Phase 4. A total of 30 units of 400 gallons water tanks were delivered to them on the 9th July, 2014.

Atmospheric Water Harvesting Techniques and Technologies

This report by Mallika Naguran describes solutions, techniques and technologies that are commercially available and applicable in varied scenarios and settings around the world. From atmospheric water harvesters, desalination of seawater, compact reverse osmosis to thermo-ionic flow, innovators have presented to us newer applications of getting pure drinking water at low environmental impact.

Dwindling Water Supply a Threat to Food Security

Water for agriculture is critical for food security. Studies both in London and Laguna point to the link between water and food as strong. Consumption of drinking water is nearly 4 liters per day but the food consumed each day required at least 2,000 liters to produce, 500 times as much.Water having no substitute makes it a critical resource that needs protection if hunger is to be reduced.

Global Innovations and Technologies To Be Launched at Singapore International Water Week 2009

Twenty-nine new products and technologies will be unveiled and launched at the Water Expo Innovation Corner, including 16 global launches. This is riding on Singapore International Water Week that is on from 22-26 June. Companies behind some of these innovations have chosen the Water Week as the platform to make their inaugural entrance into the regional water market.