Gaia Discovery

Celebrating Bidayuh Culture at Gawai Festival, Sarawak

June is a good time to visit Sarawak. The people of Sarawak in Borneo, particularly the tribes or Dayaks, celebrate the traditional rice harvest festival. A visit to the Bidayuh longhouse in Mongkos village will mesmerize with colours, sounds and heady rice wine! A Gaia Discovery Production filmed by Amanda Tee. Music by Matthew Ngau. Special thanks to Sarawak Tourism Board for making the trip possible.

Greenbelt Report: Armed by Nature

Mangroves, coral reefs and sand reefs are under immense pressure from poverty, population growth and economic development. Filmed in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand - four countries worst hit by the Tsunami - documentary looks at conservation activities by communities, researchers and activists. (9:23 mins)