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Scuba Diving in Miri, Sarawak

Scuba divers can delight themselves with lovely coral reefs and rich marine biodiversity in Miri coastal waters, Borneo. Filmed by Nick Coburn Phillips for Gaia Discovery, with thanks to Planet Borneo Tours & Travel and Sarawak Tourism Board.



Celebrating Bidayuh Culture at Gawai Festival, Sarawak

June is a good time to visit Sarawak. The people of Sarawak in Borneo, particularly the tribes or Dayaks, celebrate the traditional rice harvest festival. A visit to the Bidayuh longhouse in Mongkos village will mesmerize with colours, sounds and heady rice wine! A Gaia Discovery Production filmed by Amanda Tee. Music by Matthew Ngau. Special thanks to Sarawak Tourism Board for making the trip possible.


Discovering Traditional Eastern and Western Instruments

The Rainforest World Music Festival 2009 highlights the sounds of cello-beating, hurdy gurdies and mouth organs. A Michael Switow Production.


The Legend of Taiji

An environmental animation by sixth graders in Bali who want to raise awareness of whale and dolphin slaughter worldwide. In support of the Surfer's for Cetaceans organisation, this charming production was directed by Kayti Denham; animated and supervised by Merlin Durst.


Fraser's Hill International Bird Race 2008

A Gaia Discovery Production (3:11 min)


Each year, bird watchers and naturalists head up to a top eco destination in West Malaysia. This video captures sights and scenes taken during the event on 21-22 June 2008 with participants' interviews. Read review in Gaia Discovery.  



Greenbelt Report: Armed by Nature

Mangroves, coral reefs and sand reefs are under immense pressure from poverty, population growth and economic development. Filmed in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand - four countries worst hit by the Tsunami - documentary looks at conservation activities by communities, researchers and activists. (9:23 mins)


Greenbelt Report: Reef Relief

Human and natural factors exert many pressures on coral reefs. A group of young divers is regenerating one damaged reef, giving nature a helping hand.



Greenbelt Report: Mighty Mangrove

Greenbelt tells why the modest mangrove is actually mighty. Advised by scientists, coastal communities such as in India are restoring or replanting mangrove forests as a 'bio-shield' against natural disasters and sea level rise.


Penang World Music Festival 2008

For three days, islanders, Malaysians and tourists flocked to the quarry gardens of Penang island to watch international artistes weave magic with traditional strains often fused with not so old musical instruments.      



Techung Speaks of his Music

Traditional Tibetan music virtuoso Techung tells of his life, music and aspirations for his fellow Tibetans. He believes music and culture are the means to communicate and revive humanity. (5:15 mins)


Techung in Atlanta Concert

Watch internationally-acclaimed Techung sing Rang Zen - song of independence for all Tibetans. (7 mins)


Tidal Energy & Reef Restoration

Dr.Thomas J. Goreau and his MIT student just received an IDEAS Award. Find out more about this work on his website



Koh Tao Hin Fai Biorock Project 2008

In 2008 the community of Koh Tao came together with the Save Koh Tao Group to construct the largest Biorock(tm) Artificial Reef Structure in the Gulf of Thailand. This structure is being used as an alternative dive site to reduce preseeures on natural areas, as a buoyancy training ground for novice divers, and as a coral and fish nursery. Due to Biorock technology, corals on the site will grow 3-5 times faster than corals in natural conditions, mainting or even increasing the biodiversity, resilience, and abundance of corals around our island. 




Biorock in "Karang Lestari" Pemuteran Bali 2007

In Pemuteran, Bali, scientists, conservationists hotels, dive shops, fishermen, and villages have gotten together to build coral nurseries on which corals grow faster than normal, and around which fish school. To repopulate the area as quickly as possible with coral and fish, coral nurseries were built using the Electrolytic Mineral Accretion Technology (BiorockTM) of Hilbertz and Goreau. It is an outstanding effort to save corals from manmade destruction by bombs, cyanide fishing and global warming. 




Biorock Structure Tour at "Karang Lestari" Bali 2008

This video is showing "Karang Lestari", the biggest Bio-Rock Project in the World. It was created as a Coral Nursery, Coral Protection Project or Coral Ark. It is located in Pemuteran Bay, North-West Bali, Indonesia and stretches about 500 Meters in front of "Taman Sari Bali Cottages".