Natural Pest Control to Counter Harmful Pesticides

Wherever there are people, there will be pests that thrive off the human population. Over the centuries, researchers have developed many different ways of dealing with insects, rodents, and weeds. People are beginning to realize that taking a heavy approach to preventing pests can have negative effects on their health and the environment as a whole.

New Agriculture: Innovation & Adaptation to Climate Change

As farmers worldwide confront changing climates and challenging new situations, ideas are beginning to spread that can bring new high-tech solutions for farmers to adapt to a hotter world, wherever they live

Water Hyacinth: From Plague to Carbon Positive    

The water hyacinth has been clogging waterways and causing havoc and destruction of ecosystems since the 1900s. But researchers are discovering that it can play a role in reducing carbon emissions – as well as providing raw materials for production.

Environmental Justice for 2013 Bertam Valley Flood Victims

TNB was found liable for negligence in causing the 2013 environmental disaster involving torrential water flow from the Sultan Abu Bakar Hydroelectric Dam causing fatalities, severe flooding and property damage in Cameron Highlands. Lawyer M.Manogaran also calls for a new legislation - a Dam Safety Act - to protect the interest of the public.

100% Pure? The polluted facts behind New Zealand’s tourism claim

100% Pure? The polluted facts behind New Zealand’s tourism claim

One of the world’s most recognisable tourism taglines is “100% Pure New Zealand.” But recent developments have cast doubt on the quality of its environment – especially the quality of its water.