Indonesian Forests: Still under Threat

Last week the Indonesian president signed a ban that forbids further forest clearances across 66 million hectares of designated rainforest. But despite this positive move, companies that have flouted previous bans go unpunished, and clearing continues.

New Agriculture: Innovation & Adaptation to Climate Change

As farmers worldwide confront changing climates and challenging new situations, ideas are beginning to spread that can bring new high-tech solutions for farmers to adapt to a hotter world, wherever they live

Water Hyacinth: From Plague to Carbon Positive    

The water hyacinth has been clogging waterways and causing havoc and destruction of ecosystems since the 1900s. But researchers are discovering that it can play a role in reducing carbon emissions – as well as providing raw materials for production.

How To Be a Zero Waste Traveller

If you love to explore far-flung places but hate creating a trail of waste, fret no more. You can be a zero waste traveller. Gaia Discovery asked a few environmentalists for their views so that, step by step, we can help protect the earth from pollution.

FairBnB: the Sustainable Alternative

Billing itself as Community Powered Tourism, a startup called FairBnB is aiming to bring a change to the way short term, internet-based rentals are offered in cities and tourist destinations worldwide. Into a way that benefits the community as well as the landlords.

Air Travel: Keeping it Eco

News from the aviation world has not been encouraging of late. Increased overall emissions, worries about safety and peripheral noise – but some airlines are making sustainable, safe operation part of their marketing pitches.