Montane Bird Guide of Cameron Highlands Launched

Cameron Highlands' first bird identification guide is packed with photos and characteristic description based on visual, sound and habitats. By Mallika Naguran.

Singapore, 14 August 2015. Birders can now carry with them an illustrated bird guide as they trek through numerous forested trails of Cameron Highlands, Pahang.

The Montane Birds of Cameron Highlands is published by Regional Environmental Awareness of Cameron Highlands (REACH), a community-based organisation.

Cameron Highlands birds captured.

Cameron Highlands birds captured.

The book supports REACH’s aim to document the flora and fauna of the montane forests so as to promote conservation of its natural assets.

The biodiversity of Cameron Highlands is increasingly being threatened due to forest conversion to agricultural land and relentless commercial development.

The Malaysian Peacock-pheasant and the Malaysian Whistling-thrush - birds listed in the 2014 IUCN Red List of Threatened species – can still be sighted in Cameron Highlands. All the more reason to protect precious nature!

As many as 177 birds have been identified in Cameron Highlands, and 102 montane birds can be found in this bird guide. A checklist of 662 species of birds in all of Peninsular Malaysia has been made in 2012.

“We wish to highlight the wondrous beauty of our highland forests and what we stand to lose if we don’t protect it,” commented REACH.

The Montane Birds of Cameron Highlands includes interesting conservation information and useful bird watching etiquette tips. It is the second book published by REACH with funding received from The Embassy of Finland.

REACH’s first book is the Wild Orchids of Cameron Highlands.

Support REACH by purchasing either book. Send an email to nitiya31880 AT or call +60 05-4914798 from 9 am - 12:30 pm Malaysia time. You can also write to escape AT gaiadiscovery DOT com for a mailed copy of Montane Birds of Cameron Highlands.