Gaia Guide Launched

Responsible travel in Asia... finally the much awaited Gaia Guide is out. A huge thanks to writers, photographers and Jon our cover designer for putting this little travel guide together. Of course we couldn't have done it without our ever capable editor, Jeremy Torr.

Published by the same team behind Gaia Discovery, the Gaia Guide is about eco-tourism, eco-resorts, ethical operators, voluntourism, festivals and more. Read more about what The Gaia Guide is here...

If you'd like to receive a soft or hard copy of The Gaia Guide, send us an email with your request, and contact details, and we'll rush one over! While the guide copy and delivery is free of charge, we do appreciate donations to keep us going.

Donations to Gaia Discovery can be made via Paypal. Read about our commitment to the environment through the Gaia Discovery Restoration Fund, and we thank you for your support.