Food for Thought - Eating for a Good Cause

Singapore, 8 September 2011. This morning, I was whisked from my bed to have brekkie at the understated Food for Thought cafe on 8 Queen Street. Granola with mixed nut and fruit or big house fare complete with creamy scrambled eggs on brioche with crispy greens, fried bacon - plus or minus side ingredients (including garlic mushrooms) - the choice of how big and wonderful a breakfast or small and content a snack is all yours.

I chose to eat here because I thought, why not spend a bit of money on a cafe that contributes part of it to a good cause (actually it was my friend's money... and what a treat it was!). A fraction of his well-earned dollar goes to supporting efforts to eradicate poverty while the displayed array of items for sale such as books, dolls, erasers (in the shape of tutu kueh), mugs, Good Morning towels (also in the shape of a hat!), reusable bag made of cloth (but looks like plastic bag)... these go towards funding various charities that help feed, clothe and educate kids in troubled places.

The first book I bought there was Peppermint Pig by Nina Bawden about a month ago, which suspiciously vanished follwing a friend's house visit. Today I chose J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye because I lost my copy many moons ago, having first read it years ago during my literary pursuits. Paid $10 Singapore dollars for each, and am happy to do so, knowing that profits go in support of School of Thought and Love East Timor's Scholarship Fund. These donated or "(p)re-loved" books are artistically presented with an external cover wrap with Food for Thought branding and messaging. There's even a bookmark hidden in the pages!

Chef David tells me that a new branch will be opening up at the Singapore Botanical Gardens in November, and they are looking for staff to join them. So if you're looking for a way to earn an extra buck or two, while contributing to a good social cause, drop him a line. Or amble by to the Singapore Art Museum next door but drop in to Food for Thought to have an aromatic steaming cup of cafe latte and that uber-yum peanut butter-chocolate-banana desert in a tall glass guaranteed to make your blood rush to your tum!

Or donate your old books that you once loved, so that they can be loved again by someone else.

This is the first of my blog posts by the way, and thanks for reading it!

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