Animal Rights Demonstration Refused in Singapore


Dear Mr Ng Joo Hee

Commissioner of Police, Singapore Police Force

I refer to the incident involving the arrest of Mr Edward Basse representing People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA in Bedok, Singapore in June 2010. The incident was reported in several media such as The Straits Times and Asian Correspondent, please see:

Can the Singapore Police Force please clarify its rationale for not issuing the necessary permit to PETA to carry out its activity in public awareness? According to The Straits Times, PETA had prior to the date of planned demonstration submitted an application to the Singapore Police Force, but it was rejected. According to Asian Correspondent news report, "Basse had planned to don a chicken costume and hold signs saying "KFC: Stop Chicken Cruelty" to protest the treatment of chickens on farms and slaughterhouses." PETA decided to carry on with its mission of public information in spite of its inability to obtain a permit from the Singapore Police Force, which led to Mr Basse's forced removal from the scene through police arrest. 

The people of Singapore who in part, unfortunately, constitute gullible youths and media-charmed children deserve to be informed of unethical practices of commercial organisations, even if the method of awareness is the staging of public speaking or demonstrations at strategic, populous locations. This is to enable consumers and citizens including me - a Singapore citizen - to make an informed choice of our purchases and actions.

A copy of this letter and its reply will be posted on Gaia Discovery. 

Thank you.

Yours truly


Mallika NAGURAN (Ms) 

Managing Editor, Gaia Discovery