Palm Island, Australia: Reinventing Itself towards EcoTourism & Sustainability

While the history of the Palm Island as a tourist destination may seem bleak; once a source of ‘blackbirding’ slave labour for Japanese and European beche-de-mer and pearl traders during the 19th century, a penal colony for ‘disruptive’ Aboriginals in 1918, it holds a promise of better things. Once visitors start arriving, budding entrepreneurs of Palm Island may have a real chance to show visitors something positive that will help sustain the future of Palm Island community and its culture. Read on to know why Palm Island deserves a Fair Go.

Frog Dreaming Country, Indigenous Australia Community Tourism

Two hours south of Katherine, just off the 2,500km Central Arnhem Highway to Cairns, there is an unsealed, red sand road disappearing into the bush. This dusty track winds 35km through shady gum forests and lush savanna. Kangaroos stare, wild donkeys scatter, and your 4WD enters Country belonging to the Jawoyn, the people of the Frog Ancestors. “This is my mothers country” whispers our guide Long John, “I wasn’t born ‘ere, but this is where I learnt to ride.”