United Kingdom

Michael Davis: My Role as a Responsible Installation Artist

Bio-Resin, reusable metal in bar chimes… these are just a couple of materials that are surprisingly part of the Illumaphonium, a musical structure that stands tall, colourful, entrancing and strong at the I Light Marina Bay 2018 festival in Singapore. Gaia Discovery’s Mallika Naguran gets on the same bandwidth as its British creator Michael Davis as he speaks about his musical interest, beliefs, style and role as a responsible artist.

Lord Oxburgh on The Science and Politics of Climate Change

“Over the last five years, it seems we may have forgotten the simple basics of climate change,” says Lord Oxburgh, geologist, professor, Fellow of the Royal Society, ex-Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK government, and president of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association.

Olly Steeds of Discovery Channel's Solving History Documentary Series on Conservation and Relevance of History

Acclaimed journalist, explorer and daredevil - Olly Steeds is Discovery Channel's new face of adventure in the brand new series SOLVING HISTORY WITH OLLY STEEDS beginning 28 June 2010. Mallika Naguran tracks down Olly to find out what he thinks about the relevance of history and heritage at this day and time.