The Hummingfish Foundation

If a community is involved in a nature-based tourism business, then they are sure to have a financial interest in ensuring that asset is as rich as possible.  The more fish, birds, big game, beautiful landscape, etc they have, the more nature-loving tourists are going to enjoy experiencing that asset. Those nature-loving tourist are going to stay in guesthouses, eat, go one tours, buy souvenirs, etc, injecting money into that community during their visit.

This is what we refer to as “adding value to nature.”

What The Hummingfish Foundation can offer, is a partnership with the community, where we help to brand and promote that destination to nature-loving tourists around the world.

The Hummingfish Foundation tries to help create a brand, which is synonymous with that destination, constantly driving home with strong visuals, the power and beauty of nature.

You can’t sell tourism without pictures.

The Hummingfish Foundation has seen how compelling photographic imagery well presented, can have a powerful effect on potential nature-loving tourists.  In fact, despite the fact that strong visuals is the single best way to brand and promote community-based heritage and nature tourism, most developing nations have little or no photographic archive in which to promote themselves.

The Hummingfish Foundation is committed to help compile a databases of high-end photographic imagery of a CBET destination’s heritage and nature tourism assets, archive those images into a readily accessible photographic database, and then help them to use that resource to educate potential heritage and nature loving tourists about the beauty of that destination. The images in that archive will be essential for future efforts to brand and promote their community-based heritage and nature tourism assets.


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