Kudos from Readers, Interviewees

Gaia Discovery is my new discovery of a very interesting newsletter. It brings together articles from community groups and professionals who are concerned with different environmental issues. Besides, it provides updated information on what is happening in all environment-related fields around the world.

Through her interviews Mallika knows how to bring out the hidden and un-spoken environmental messages and presents them in the most simple, direct and attractive way. Many people told me that they became more enthusiastic to play an active role in conserving the environment after reading her interview with me. 

This newsletter also provides an opportunity for individuals to tell about their experiences and how they are doing their bits to improve the environment and   make the planet a better place for all of us to live and work. I believe, GAIA Discovery is fulfilling its objective of educating people and encouraging them to take some of the lessons home.    I also believe that, no matter how little things we do to conserve the environment, their positive impacts would always be felt and appreciated..

Dr. Balgis Osman Elasha, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Champion of the Earth, United Nations Environment Programme 2008

Great to meet you and thanks for allowing me to inspire you. Yes, the power of Gaia clearly lives in you and you can transform the world with your vision I am certain.

Future Guru Dr James Canton, author of The Extreme Future: The Top Trends That Will Reshape the World In The Next 20 Years

Thanks, it looks excellent!  
Thomas J. Goreau, PhD
President, Global Coral Reef Alliance
Coordinator, United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development Partnership in New Technologies for Small Island Developing States


Thanks for publishing your article about our resort. It will surely keep me working harder to maintain our environmental standards. However I am happy to do it for the benefit of the company and our earth.

Panitan Supawong, General Manager, Maritime Park & Spa Resort


Thank  you for your support and the terrific article you published about ETC. I read the article entirely and thought it was outstanding. Thanks for truly lending a hand and doing something to move the needle.

Reid Ridgeway
Founder, Ecotourism Training Centre, Thailand

Thanks very much for the writeup. It looks great!

Joanna McNamara, Project AWARE Asia Pacific


First , let me congratulate  you and your team's exemplary work in preserving Mother Earth through all your hard work. As for me, I have shown my commitments and made contribution through little deeds which I believe could make some difference. Can I support you by way of article contribution?



A million thanks.
Amran Rahman
Director, Tourism Malaysia -

Great article. Thanks!

Julian Hyde,
President, Reefcheck Malaysia