Penang World Festival 2013 Highlights

The 2013 Edition of the Penang World Music Festival (PWMF) will take place from 30 to 31 March 2013 and the list of bands performing at the festival is nothing less than impressive.

The venue will once again be the Quarry Park at the Penang Botanic Gardens. 

Penang World Music Festival 2013 features Nasout from IranA total of 12 bands will be featured at the festival during the two days. They are Mu from Portugal, Kimi Djabate (Guinea- Bissau), Nasout (Iran), Alp Bora Quartet (Turkey/Austria), Saharadja (Indonesia), Oratniza (Bulgaria), Inka Marka (South America), Kalayo (Philippines), Dagaya (Japan) and Dende and Band (Brazil/USA). They will be joined by Malaysian bands Akasha and Rimba.

All the bands will be performing at the concert at night and in addition daily workshop sessions with the musicians will take place in the afternoon prior to the concert. This workshop allows the public and audience to participate and learn the unique music making processes of the international artists. The event will be held in the open air and will proceed through any weather conditions.

Tickets to the festival are priced at RM80 per day for adult and RM30 per day for a child between five and 12 years old. Two-day ticket is RM140 for adult and RM70 for a child. Tickets can be purchased online at

This annual festival is organized by the Penang State Tourism Development and Culture Office and managed by UCSI Communications Sdn Bhd.