Income Eco Run 2018 Targets Zero Waste

Run to work, saving carbon emissions instead of driving, is the message put out by NTUC Income in their #RUNHOMESG event. Last year's race has also been audited for its environmental footprint. By Mallika Naguran.

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SINGAPORE, 27 January 2018. #RUNHOMESG is an initiative launched by Income Eco Run to encourage everyone to pick up running as an alternative mode of transport. The initiative aims to encourage an eco movement to reduce carbon footprint, in support of Income Eco Run’s quest to run towards Zero Waste.

Runners are encouraged to continue running towards the collective goal of 10,000km by 27 April 2018, which according to the organiser is equivalent to 486 litres of fuel and can power-up a 4-room flat for up to three months!

To participate, runners will need to track their runs with their respective activity trackers and upload screenshots of their completed runs on social media with the hashtag #RUNHOMESG.

Ten winners will be picked every month from 16 January to 31 March. The prizes are as follow:

January: New Balance shoe bag worth $19

February: BOW Nock Pouch (waterproof, airtight for sweaty smelly wear) worth $21

March: New Balance drawstring bag worth $19.90

Income Eco Run has prepared some suggested routes from One Marina Boulevard, which are available at the following links: North East, East, West, North, and runners may engage with the community on the #RUNHOMESG Facebook page.

Set to take place on Sunday the 29th of April 2018 at the Marina Bay vicinity, Income Eco Run 2018 will introduce new green targets and measures for the race based on discoveries made in 2017.

Income Eco Run 2017 Green Audit Results

Taking a bold step in its mission towards a more sustainable environment, Income Eco Run embarked on a Green Audit of its race earlier this year in April. The Green Audit, conducted by Green Futures Solution Group Pte Ltd, also known as Zero Waste SG, analysed the environmental impact associated with the set-up, and tear down of the Income Eco Run 2017 event on 30 April 2017. The highlights of the audit findings from 2017 are as follows:

·       Zero Waste Runners saved a total of 150kg of metal, 88kg of polyester material, and 18,492 paper cups. The reduction of waste by Zero Waste Runners was done through runners opting out of their race entitlements.

·       The use of biodiesel generators at the event produced 1.7 times less carbon emissions compared to normal diesel.

·       About 1,182 runners took the shuttle buses provided, saving 2,991kg of carbon emissions. This is equivalent to 667 National Service (NS) men completing their 24km road march from Pulau Tekong to the NS Square.

·       Through paperless registration, digital confirmation slips, and electronic race certificates, 526.5kg of paper was saved, equivalent to 233 rims of A4 paper.

The results from the Green Audit in 2017 have since created a benchmark and paved the way for new goals to be set in the upcoming Income Eco Run in order to further reduce waste and continue efforts to push towards a sustainable environment.

Taking on a key role in waste reduction are the Zero Waste Runners and the category will return in 2018 at double the capacity, allowing more runners to participate in the journey towards zero waste by giving up their race entitlements such as medals, finisher tees and even their race pack.

Increasing the Zero Waste Runner capacity by 100% reduces the amount of waste produced. The target amount of waste to be saved by Zero Waste Runners is 300kg of metal and  176kg of polyester material. In recognition of their active efforts, Zero Waste Runners receive a discount of $4 on their registration across all categories.

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To further advocate the reduction of waste, all participants this year will also be extended the option of relinquishing their race packs during registration, should they wish to take the step to be more eco-friendly.

Other steps being taken to achieve green targets include:

·       Providing and targeting for 20-25% of participants to take the shuttle service to Income Eco Run 2018, saving an estimated 4,500kg of carbon emissions.

·       Reducing the waste produced per runner by

o   Composting all banana peels from distributed bananas, saving an estimated 700kg of banana peels incineration.

o   Using recycleable five gallon bottles at hydration points compared to 1.5l water bottles, saving up to 40,000 plastic bottles.

·       Working closely with green partners such as Zero Waste SG to continue raising awareness and supporting the move towards a sustainable environment. This includes inviting green businesses to participate in the race pack collection farmers’ market, and educational activities for children to participate in.

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“The Green Audit we conducted with Income Eco Run 2017 was the first of such for any run in Singapore and has been extremely insightful. With the results from the Green Audit, we’ve been able to work with Income to set new meaningful benchmarks to further improve Income Eco Run 2018 and reduce the waste. We are looking forward to Income achieving targets set for 2018 in a continued effort to build a sustainable environment,” commented Pek Hanlin,  Manager, Zero Waste SG.

“Income Eco Run is a demonstration of our continued effort in raising awareness of one of the most pressing issues that impacts us directly – the environment. By championing zero waste, we are encouraging the 3Rs – reduce, recycle, reuse – which we are also actively practising at the race. What we do on a daily basis directly affects the environment, and so it is important for us to be aware of how our actions today impact the future. Like insurance, we are looking to build our collective sustainable future with the Income Eco Run with new green initiatives and targets for the 2018 edition.  We aim to achieve this while also getting more people to run and lead healthier lives. This way, we become more future ready together,” said Marcus Chew, Chief Marketing Officer, Income.


Income Eco Run 2018 will take place on 29 April 2018 at the F1 Pit Building.

A Farmers’ Market is also being planned as part of Income Eco Run Race Entry Pack Collection on 14-15 April. There will be stalls selling eco-friendly and local products, plus workshops.

For more information on #RUNHOMESG and to register for Income Eco Run 2018, do visit