EMART Asia 2012 to Showcase LNG Trading Model

Asian based utilities seek to switch to LNG as primary feedstock

The LNG sector is beginning to shift towards an oil trading model with potentially new sources of liquidity, more speculation and increased price volatility. EMART Asia, held during Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) from 23-24th of October, will showcase how this new LNG trading model and increased energy trading regulation will impact business opportunities and risks.

“The LNG sector is seeking greater visibility regarding future prices as Asian based utilities seek to switch to LNG as the primary feedstock against coal”, says Marcus Magee, General Manager of EMART Asia.

“This year we focus on two key areas that impact energy traders in Asia, and Singapore in particular”, adds Magee: “The new LNG Trading Model - the increase in short term trades and its flow on effects regarding LNG contracts, utilities and the wider fuel mix, and the increased regulation of OTC trading - more transparent electronic platforms, increased liquidity and increased financialisation of energy markets.”

Speakers Include:

* Yunji Xu, LNG Origination, Portfolio Trading, Shell Eastern Trading LNG

* Rajnish Goswami, Head of Gas & Power Consulting for Asia-Pacific & Middle East, Wood Mackenzie

* Jim Nicholson, Vice President, Argus Asia

* Alan Heng, Director and CEO, Gas Supplies

* Alan Bannister, Asia Director Energy, CME Group

* Dr Hooman Peimani, Head of the Energy Security Division at the Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore

* Travis Nadelhoffer, Director Energy Products, Morningstar

* Jennifer Ilkiw, Vice President, Asia Pacific, IntercontinentalExchange

* Praveen Kumar, Senior Consultant, Head of South Asia Oil and Gas Team, FACTS Global Energy

* Simon Ellis, LNG Analyst & Editor of Global LNG Markets, ICIS Heren

Topics at EMART Asia:

* Spot market development and price benchmarking

* Regulatory developments in ensuring healthy competition in energy trading

* Impact of derivatives trading on the physical market

* Risk management in the volatile energy market

* More market case studies across Asia

EMART Asia is a regional conference that focuses exclusively on LNG procurement - from spot trading and hedging to long term contracts and the development of a Asian based LNG trading infrastructure including its own price indexes, trading hubs, storage infrastructure and related derivative products. The event profiles the activities of LNG traders in Asia, and particularly in Singapore, as the LNG industry develops a new procurement model reflective of new supply and demand fundamentals. Although still far from being a commodity, LNG is undoubtedly emerging as an essential vector for world gas expansion. Attend EMART Asia to get the facts on how to improve your LNG trades and to better understand the role for intermediaries in this important and rapidly expanding industry.

EMART Asia is part of the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW).

Event dates and location -

Conference: 23-24 October 2012

Location: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Event website: www.emart-asia.com