Energy Security and Geopolitics in the Arctic: A Conference by Energy Studies Institute, Singapore


A free two-day conference organised by the Energy Studies Institute (ESI) of Singapore.


The melting of the Arctic ice cap is presenting a number of environmental, economic, geopolitical and energy-related challenges and opportunities both for its littoral states as well as the broader international community. First, the possibility of substantially rising sea levels stemming from the Arctic region’s warming is of great concern at the regional and the global levels. Second, if the ice continues to recede, the Arctic region’s immense resource potential (energy and otherwise), as well as the likely feasibility of new seasonal inter-continental maritime routes for trade, will be of obvious significance for state players, especially those in Europe, Asia and the Americas engaged in international trade. These two broad clusters of concerns have already contributed to disputes at least between some of the concerned states. More importantly, they are likely to continue to fuel tensions and conflicts over a wide array of interests between and among states and/or regional groupings.

To better understand the legal, political, energy, military/security and environmental stakes for the Arctic’s littoral states as well as the non-littoral states, the ESI is bringing together a group of experts with different experiences pertaining to the Arctic region. They include experts from the Arctic littoral states (Canada, Denmark, Norway, Russia and USA), the Greater Arctic region (Sweden, Finland and Iceland) and the major states and a regional grouping with an interest and a capability to engage in the Arctic (Australia, Japan, South Korea and European Union). Both general and country-specific issues of significance to the Arctic region will be covered at the conference.


Date:    Monday & Tuesday, 9 to 10 January 2012 

Time:   9:00am to 5:00pm 

Venue: Traders Hotel
              Temasek Room
              1A Cuscaden Road
              Singapore 249716

Dr. Arild Moe
Deputy Director/ Senior Research Fellow
Fridtjof Nansen Institute


Dr. Damien Degeorges
Paris Descartes University


Dr. Danila Bochkarev
Global Security, East-West Institute


Dr. Euan Somerled Graham
Senior Fellow
S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies
Nanyang Technological University


Professor Hiroshi Ohta
Faculty of International Research and Education,
Waseda University


Dr. Hooman Peimani
Principal Fellow & Head of Energy Security Division
Energy Studies Institute
National University of Singapore


Dr. Lassi Heininen
University of Lapland, Finland
Northern Research Forum


Dr. Lawson W. Brigham
Distinguished Professor of Geography & Arctic Policy,
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Captain, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired)


Professor Makeev Viacheslav Mikhailovich
The State Polar Academy


Dr. Nadezhda Klimovna Kharlampyeva
Senior Lecturer
Saint-Petersburg State University, School of International Relations, Department of World Politics


Commander Neil Gadihoke
Research Fellow

National Maritime Foundation, New Delhi/India

Dr. Robin Warner
Associate Professor
Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security
University of Wollongong

Dr. Shawn Marshall
Principal Investigator,
Glacial Research
Cryosphere Climate Research Group, University of Calgary

Dr.Valur Ingimundarson
Professor of Contemporary History
Chair, Historical Institute and
EDDA - Center of Excellence
Faculty of History and Philosophy
School of Humanities
University of Iceland

Dr. Youngil Cho
Senior Researcher, Global & Future Research Division
Korea Maritime Institute

Dr Chen Gang
Research Fellow
East Asia Institute
National University of Singapore


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