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Thank you for visiting this page. If you like what you see on this website, the kind of news that we bring and the stories we tell,  we can help you achieve your sustainability and communication goals too. You can count on Gaia Discovery and Gaia Consult Global to help you instill sustainability in your operations, and/or to communicate it well.

Gaia Discovery is a Singapore-registered business that was founded in 2008 to provide sustainability-related news and articles to international readers for free. Gaia Discovery's principals offer sustainability advisory and communications services as well through its branch, Gaia Consult Global. We provide sustainability strategy, environmental management framework, training and more for clients. Gaia Consult Global also provides research and communications services in a range of areas that include ecology, energy, the environment, marine bio-diversity, aviation, tourism, urban planning, sustainable development and more. 

Take a look at what we can do for you.

Gaia Consult Global Services:

  • Sustainability Advisory

    • Strategy

    • Environmental Management

    • Assessment

    • Reporting

    • Outreach

    • Public Relations

    • Media Management


  • Communications Consultancy

    • Content Strategy

    • Content Management

    • Editing and Proof-reading

    • Writing Features, Reports, Media Releases

    • Ghost Writing, Biographies

    • Traditional & Digital Production

    • Social Media Management

    • Photography and Video Production

    • Website creation and management


  • Domain Expertise

    • Architecture

    • Aviation

    • Business

    • Climate Change

    • Corporate communications

    • Ecology

      • Terrestrial

      • Marine

    • Energy (conventional & alternative)

    • Information Technology

    • Urban Planning

    • Sustainability, Sustainable Development, SDGs

    • Telecommunications

    • Tourism

    • Transport


  • Training

    • Sustainability Talks, Seminars, Training & Workshops

    • Editorial Training and Workshops

    • Media Training Workshops

    • Leadership Training & Coaching

So if you wish your consumers to know more about what your company does, why not put out blogs, feature articles, case studies, short videos, podcasts and more? We can help you do that because we are very good at what we do. We are down-to-earth, friendly, creative and customer focused, willing to take as much time as possible to fulfil company requirements.

The principals of Gaia Consult Global are well qualified in various subject areas and in the Asia Pacific region. In their personal capacity, they have serviced many companies and brands, a few of which are listed here: Yingli Solar; Future Cities Lab; ETH-Singapore; DyStar; Apical; Corporate Citizenship; Energy Studies Institue; Centre for Sustainable Asian Cities; Microsoft; Olam; AccorHotels, Discovery Channel Magazine, Forbes, and more.

Gaia Discovery and Gaia Consult Global is headquartered in Singapore and Australia.

Hop over to Gaia Consult Global website to find out more. For inquiries, please contact admin AT gaiadiscovery DOT com.


About Gaia Discovery

Gaia Discovery, captures responsible tourism news, ecology, people profiles, social enterprises, adventures, festivals and more. Gaia Guide is a series of online travel guides on sustainable destinations, nature areas and responsible tourism operators. Gaia Discovery, founded by Mallika Naguran, is supported by a network of editorial contributors around the world, and advised by distinguished professionals and Nobel Laureates.