Cradle Mountain Film Festival

The Cradle Mountain Film Festival (CMFF) is coming once again to Tasmania’s unique pristine wilderness, from 29-31 March 2019. The festival is based in one of the world’s most amazing untouched wild places, the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, at Cradle Mountain.


The CMFF will screen the best and most jaw-dropping adventure films, both local Tasmanian titles and from around the world. The programme includes legendary rock climbing documentaries The Dawn Wall and Free Solo – billed as ‘one of the greatest athletic feats of any kind, ever’ – plus films about isolation and survival in Antarctica, climbing in Malawi, the Women’s Adventure Film Tour, the European Outdoor Film Tour, the Mountainfilm on Tour compilation and the short-based One Year in Tasmania Adventure Films series. That’s a lot of adventure.

Screenings will once again be held in the famous yurt cinema. Courtesy CMFF.

Screenings will once again be held in the famous yurt cinema. Courtesy CMFF.

The main showings will again be held in the Forest Yurt Cinema, and will be backed up by an Adventure Storytelling session, hosted by famous Tasmanian wilderness guide and raconteur, Bert Spinks.

Key themes include the ravages of fear; its  paralyzing grip on humans, as well as isolation. The screenings help us understand how these influences affect decision-making in life or death scenarios. Ice Night (the festival Opening Night), features the ancient lure of ice and its danger, and includes the World Premiere of ICEolation, a film documenting a 14-day self-supported sea kayaking tour of remote Antarctica. Other films show how Olympian Anna Segal and her sister Nat use skiing to help understand fear and how it manifests in their lives.

The CMFF is also proud to host the Australian premiere of The Undamaged, a unique story of a group of environmentalist whitewater kayakers who paddled for 36 days along 23 wild mountain rivers from Slovenia through to to Albania to highlight the plight of some of Europe’s wildest rivers..

For outdoor enthusiasts who don’t simply want to sit and watch, the CMFF will also offer  a range of associated activities including the Dove Lake Classic Trail Run, Acro-Yoga, Nia Dance, Thai Massage, Nature Movement and the very contemporary Wim Hof Cold Water Therapy Method, as well as Canyoning and Speed Crochet.

And for the really, really adventurous, a series of short films will be screened in five mountain refuge huts around Cradle Mountain as part of a self-guided walking tour with movies that only screen once you have slogged all the way to the hut, so you will never miss the start..

And all that is without mentioning the roaring firepot campfires, fresh-cooked snacks and other outdoor refreshers that keep the atmosphere flaming. We went last year, and it was a blast of cool, fresh, invigorating Tassie air.

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