Techung's West Coast Tour Fundraiser 2013

A Personal Appeal By Techung

Tashi Delek!

Techung tours the US East Coast in his station wagon.Last year with seed money from a close friend, my band and I managed to tour four cities on the East Coast including New York City. I was so proud to bring Tibetan authentic music live to the US communities and friends.

We drove over 3,000 miles in my old station wagon with the trailer, doing what we are passionate about, playing music and inspiring people.  We were happy that we managed this tour within our budget.

Please read more about the tour on my website.

This year I am organising another concert tour with my band: Michel Tyabji, Rinzing Wangyal, Kito Rodriquez and a sound man to the West Coast and the Midwest and I need your help. I created a Kickstarter Campaign or online fundraising campaign and  I am asking you to make a contribution so that we can reach our goal of $ 7,000 as seed money.

Please visit the Kickstarter Campaign page to make your donation. Any amount will be appreciated. Thank you and I appreciate your continued support for my work to preserve Tibetan Music.

Techung preserves the threatened Tibetan culture in music.

 Visit Techung's website to learn of his efforts for peace in Tibet.

Read a related article in Gaia Discovery. Editor Mallika Naguran met the wonderful Tashi Dhondup Sharzur who is better known asTechung at Penang World Music Festival 2008 to hear his awesome voice and urgent need to keep the Tibetan music alive.  

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