Sustainable Business Investments to Jump Up To 24 Percent in 2012, says New Report

According to a recent report from analysts Verdantix, overall investment in sustainability across the US, Canada, UK and Australia will jump to US$52bn in 2012; an up to 24 percent increase.

United States, 20 May 2011. In a recent survey published by specialist sustainability analyst company Verdantix, 2012 will see up to 24 percent jumps in Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) when it comes to spending on sustainability projects.

Over two and a half thousand companies gave their take on sustainability investment - it's going up!

Across the surveyed areas, sustainable business in Australia, Canada, the UK and the US will spend US$52bn in total according to the Verdantix Critical Moments reports. Individual CAGRs vary, with Australia and Canada spending up to 13 percent more, and the US topping the green spend with a 24 percent increase.

The report, which drew on information sourced from almost 2,600 companies from the US, UK, Australia and Canada, breaks down spending by firms into 29 initiatives and six broad categories. These can be broadly categorised as follows:

  • Energy and carbon efficiency. Firms will spend US$13.9b on energy and carbon efficiency in 2012. This includes building energy efficiency, telecoms network energy efficiency and carbon and energy data collection and management.
  • Innovation and cleantech. Accounting for US$11.6b of spend in 2012, this includes investment in clean-teach R&D, product development and smart grid development.
  • Fuel and emissions reductions. Initiatives to reduce fuel consumption using on-site renewable energy, electric vehicles and travel reduction technology will account for US$10.7b of spend in 2012.
  • Sustainable business operations. Total spend on these initiatives including water and waste management, upstream supply chain and environment, health and safety, will reach US$9.3b in 2012.  
  • Strategy, risk and brand. Spending on initiatives such as assurance, verification and certification, strategy development, risk assessment and sustainability marketing will hit US$4.4b.
  • Human capital. Employee engagement, recruitment and training will account for US$1.9b of sustainability spending 2012.  

Verdantix Critical Moments forecast reports coming up will cover the French, Indian and UK markets, and will extend forecasts to 2015. For more information on reports and pricing, contact

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