Monkey Business: Living with Macaques in Urbanised Singapore

Singapore's increasing need for housing has led to development encroaching onto the edge of nature reserves, the home of wild creatures such as macaques. And there are challenges as nature brushes against human comforts, with macaques being lured towards entrapment and taken away permanently from their natural habitats. Fiona Childs speaks to primatology student Amanda Tan on these issues, to explore how residents can better manage the situation, and to put the whole monkey business to a peaceful rest.

Pulau Ketam: Potential Ecosystem Nucleus in Singapore

A group of passionate people are putting their heads together (and getting their feet muddy) to create a learning centre on Pulau Ketam. Not just any ordinary centre, but a low impact, self-sustaining and ecological friendly zone to promote learning and nature appreciation. Mallika Naguran from Gaia Discovery joins this group as a volunteer and brings us the inside story.

Mangrove Forest Deforestation in the Philippines

Many think deforestation happens only in the uplands as cutting the trees means loss of lives and livelihoods as the raging waters from the higher areas bring floods and landslides. Unknowingly, deforestation continues unabated, too, in the lowlands – particularly those near the seashores and rivers. Mangroves, which most people consider as unimportant, are fast disappearing.

Why Trees Matter

Did you know that BILLIONS of trees have died in recent years? Beetle attacks, asian fungus and drought are taking out North America's ancient alpine bristlecones, Texan shade trees and parts of the Amazon. Any reader of this site knows that trees planted in the right places help fight climate change. But they help make our planet liveable in a number of other ways too, from fertilising plankton to providing the basis for medicines. Learn more . . . .