Five Ways How Tasmania Might Surprise You

Having travelled through a number of places in Tasmania, Mallika Naguran and Jeremy Torr suggest travel tips that would come in handy for the intrepid traveller, especially those who look forward to a drive holiday in Australia.

Duck Reach: Hydroelectric Wonder of Tasmania

If you were told exactly where the true pioneers of sustainable hydroelectric power first worked their engineering magic, you might be surprised.

Five Things To Discover in Cameron Highlands

While tourists still flock to Cameron Highlands for its natural landscape and cool clime, many fall for dull and hackneyed tours such as visits to strawberry and vegetable farms. To truly experience this charming eco-tourism destination within the Titiwangsa range of Pahang, West Malaysia, it is best to immerse yourself in the highland’s natural beauty, biodiversity, heritage and culture... and learning something about the forest ecology too. Mallika Naguran, who's been to Cameron Highlands numerous times as a kid and still visits, shares some pointers.

Langkawi Live 2012 - the River Project

Langkawi Live 2012 - the River Project

Langkawi will again host Langkawi Live One Earth Music Festival - an exciting music festival featuring some of Malaysia’s and the region’s most prominent musicians from 2-3 November 2012. Langkawi Live 2012will maximise the picturesque beachfront setting of the Frangipani Langkawi Resort & Spa which will again play host to this year’s event.