Responsible Tourism

Albert Teo: How to Sustain Community Building in Ecotourism

Going from mere charity to community-led social enterprise, Albert Teo shares with Gaia Discovery a few learning points from his ecotourism development efforts of Sabah.

Rod Hillman: Pushing Hard for Sustainable Tourism

According to chief executive officer of Ecotourism Australia (EA), Rod Hillman, sustainable tourism is not just occurring where you’d expect it - in beautiful remote landscapes – but is increasingly permeating cities and other businesses too. 

Katherine Connor: Sustainable Elephant Rescue

Katherine Connor set up an elephant sanctuary in Thailand purely to benefit itsanimals - and to educate their owners. Not just for tourists wanting a memorable snap for their online account.

Jin of Chickenfeet Travels: Adventure with Positive Impacts

Travelling just got more responsible, whether it is trekking, kayaking or just a stroll in the wild country, with a trip planned by Chickenfeet Travels. Mallika Naguran catches up with a rather unSingaporean Jin at a vegan shop in Bugis.

Alexander Yee: Overcoming Turtle Conservation Challenges

Alexander Yee: Overcoming Turtle Conservation Challenges

It took vision, persistence and wisdom for conservationist Alexander Yee to be able to release his 30,000th turtle hatchling into the South China Sea after five years this March. He spoke to Mallika Naguran about how this highly effective turtle conservation programme came about but more importantly, how obstructive village practices were overcome to boost this aspect of marine life and ecotourism in Sabah.

Alex Tsuk: Rise of Responsible Tourism Community in Bali with BookGreener

A ground up, industry-led responsible tourism movement is picking up in Bali. Mallika Naguran speaks to the founder or 'Chief Alchemist' of Book Greener, Alex Tsuk, about this special group of operators and the role they play in dealing with crisis as volcano Agung continues to disrupt tourism in this island of paradise.

Masaru Takayama: A Stronger Asian Ecotourism Network for 2018

Masaru Takayama, Chair and Founder of the Asian Ecotourism Network, speaks to Gaia Discovery's Mallika Naguran of his plans for 2018 and in shaping a stronger association that promotes responsible tourism in Asia.