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GGEF Roundtable 2016 to be held in Hong Kong

Global Green Economic Forum (GGEF) business conference themed ‘When Cleantech meets Capital’ will be held in Hong Kong on November 14, 2016 

A one of its kind business conference, the GGEF Roundtable 2016 will focus on identifying green innovations and actionable solutions in business.

Against the backdrop of fast-changing economic conditions and daunting environmental challenges, cleantech companies will play an instrumental role in transforming societal norms- given sufficient financial backing and government support.

When: November 14, 2016 (Monday) 09:00 – 16.30 hrs. (map and transportation)

Where: JW Marriot, Hong Kong

Why: GGEF is where sustainability means business. It is the only Business Conference that operates as a Social Enterprise in Asia, with 20% of what you pay going to supporting our students’ sustainability program. Your participation will make a difference to our community now and for generations to come!

Who: Business leaders, Entrepreneurs, Environmental Leaders, Innovators, Investors

Register for Global Green Economic Forum (GGEF) Roundtable 2016 here 

Click here to view the agenda for the GGEF Roundtable 2016


Attaining the Sustainable Development Goals Conference in Singapore 2016

Conference on Attaining the Sustainable Development Goals – Environmental Law, Policy and Management will be held in Singapore from 9-11 November 2016 

A high-profile conference with a focus on environmental law, policy and management aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be held for the first time in Singapore 2016.

The three-day conference explores the issues, challenges, solutions and implementation of law, policy, science and management of four specific SDGs: SDG Goal 12 – Sustainable Production and Consumption; Goal 13 – Climate Action; Goal 14 –Life below Water (Sustainable Oceans); and Goal 15 –Life on Land (Biodiversity Conservation). 

The organisers are Asia Pacific Centre for Environmental Law (APCEL), NUS Master of Science (Environmental Management) [MEM] and NUS Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES). They have invited prominent speakers who will share their insights on achieving the SDGs.

Keynote Speakers include:

Dr. Sylvia A. Earle, Oceanographer and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, Rosemary and Roger Enrico Chair for Ocean Exploration, USA.

Talk: In Pursuit of Sustainable Oceans (9 November, 9 am)


Prof Nicholas Robinson, University Professor on the Environment and Gilbert and Sarah Kerlin Distinguished Professor of Environmental Law Emeritus; Co-Director, Center for Environmental Legal Studies, Elizabeth Haub School of Law, Pace University, USA; Former Chair, IUCN Commission of Environmental Law; Member, Advisory Committee, APCEL & MEM Program, NUS”

Keynote address at Workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment (9 November, 2 pm)

Talk: Towards Sustainable Global Management of Peat Forests (10 November, 11 am)

Keynote Address: The Future of the Earth - Environmental Law, Policy, Governance and Management and the SDGs (11 November, 9:45 am)


Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah

Supreme Court of Pakistan, Lahore High Court

Keynote Address: Climate Change and its Challenges. A Judicial Perspective (10 November 10.30 am)



Dr Mas Achmad Santosa,  Founder, Indonesia Centre for Environmental Law; Coordinator of the Special Staffs; Presidential Task Force to Combat Illegal Fishing

Keynote Address: Enhancement of Forest and Peatland Governance in Pursuit of Environmental Justice (10 November, 11:50 am)


The Hon. Justice Brian J Preston SC, Chief Judge, Land and Environment Court of New South Wales

Keynote Address: The Role of Courts in Climate Change (10 November, 1:30 pm)


Visit the website to view many other speakers and their pertinent topics on achieving sustainability amidst climate change and environmental challenges. Registration is needed and fees for the SDGs Conference apply.

These events will culminate with the Fourth Asia Environment Lecture.

Dr Andrew Steer, President and CEO of the World Resources Institute, will deliver his talk on “Going, Going, Gone? How to Prosper while Protecting the Global Commons.” The Fourth Asia Environment Lecture on 11 November 2016 at 5 pm (Registration and Tea from 4 pm) is free for all to attend. Register for the Fourth Asia Environment Lecture here



Conference Details

What: Conference on Attaining the Sustainable Development Goals – Environmental Law, Policy & Management *

When: 9th – 11th November 2016, 8:30am to 6:00pm

Where: Shaw Foundation Alumni House Auditorium
National University of Singapore, 11 Kent Ridge Drive, Singapore 119244

Website: http://sdgsconf.sg/

Registration and payment details: http://sdgsconf.sg/registration/


About the Conference

In 2016, the NUS Law School’s Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law (APCEL) celebrates its 20th Anniversary. Two degree programs focusing on the environment – the Master of Science in Environmental Management (MEM) and Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) also celebrate their 15th and 5th Anniversaries respectively.

To celebrate, APCEL, MEM and BES are coming together from 9-11 November 2016 to organise this three-day conference as well as the Asia Environment Lecture on 11 November 2016 at 5 pm.

Visit the individual organisers’ webpage:

*Qualified for PDU Points by the Professional Engineers Board (PEB). Refer to Registration Page for details.




Global Sustainable Tourism Conference 2016 Takes Place in Suwon, South Korea

Sustainable development is an imperative for all sectors, and the United Nations has declared 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

How to best develop sustainably? Do travelers wish to buy sustainable products?

Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) has partnered with Korean hosts to assemble an all-star group of experts on sustainable tourism to provide leading-edge insights into these important questions.

What: Global Sustainable Tourism Conference 2016

When: 5-8 October 2016

Where: Novotel Ambassador Suwon, 902 Dukyoungdaero (Maesanro 1-Ga) Paldal-Gu
Maesan-dong, Paldal-gu, Suwon-Si, 41, South Korea

Register for Global Sustainable Tourism Conference here.

Participants come from the private sector, public sector, NGOs, and academia to learn and share contemporary ideas that can be translated into action.

Registration fees are modest. Host city Suwon is easily accessible from Incheon Airport. Simultaneous translation will be provided in English, Korean, and Chinese.

Join us at the conference to be part of the solution to these important questions.


Sustainable & Smart Tourism Forum 2016 

Creativity and diversity will be the focus of Sustainable & Smart Tourism Forum 2016.Under the theme “Co-creating life-changing tourism experiences", the 2016 Sustainable & Smart Tourism Forum (2016 SSTF) has been designed to offer a platform and a playground for gaining and sharing knowledge, skills and good practices around the world, in the fields of sustainable and smart tourism as well as smart cities.

The 2016 SSTF is supported by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. During this two-day journey focused on creativity and diversity, participants will be offered many opportunities to explore new perspectives in tourism innovation and marketing, while expanding their networks.

What: Sustainable & Smart Tourism Forum 2016

When: 5-8 October 2016

Where: Seoul Partners House, Suwon, Korea

Website: http://www.2016sstf.com

One of the key speakers at the event is GSTC CEO, Randy Durband, as well as Catherine Germier-Hamel, member of the GSTC Election Committee and CEO of Millennium Destinations, which hosts the event.

2016 SSTF offers 50% discount to GSTC Members and participants of the 2016 Global Sustainable Tourism Conference in Suwon, South Korea (Oct.5 to 8, 2016).

For more information, visit 2016 SSTF website.



Get Tickets for Rainforest World Music Festival 2016

three-day music and cultural festival in Santubong of Sarawak. Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) brings together renowned world music artistes from around the world including indigenous musicians from the heart of Borneo.

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Register Now for Singapore International Energy Week 2016

Registration is now open for the 9th Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW), a key platform for the discussion of global energy issues and their impact on Asia.

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Climate Change Seminar by MSc Environmental Management Alumni

The MSc Environmental Management alumni from the National University of Singapore is organising its annual public seminar on 7 May 2016. This year, in light of climate change related issues and corresponding changes to international policy and local governance, the seminar is themed: 'Climate Change Negotiation Landscape - The Road from Paris and Beyond'. A highly relevant seminar for all!

The speakers and their topics:

Mr Sandeep Chamling Rai, Senior Advisor on Global Adaptation Policy for WWF International - "International Climate Change Negotiations: COP21 Outcomes and the Way Forward"

Ms Nor Lastrina Hamid, Co-Founder of Singapore Youth for Climate Action - "Paris Agreement: What it means for Singapore and Asia"

Mr Jose Raymond, Vice President of Corporate Affairs (Singapore), Asia Pulp and Paper - "Landscape Management in Indonesia – Why the Future has to be Now?"

All are invited to attend this seminar, ask questions during the panel discussion and to make new friends over lunch thereafter, at no cost.

Venue of the climate change seminar: Shaw Foundation Alumni HouseEvent Details

Date:       Saturday, 7 May 2016

Time:      0900 - 1230 hrs

Venue:   Auditorium, Shaw Foundation Alumni House, National University of Singapore , 11 Kent Ridge Drive, Singapore 119244 

Entrance Fee: Your smile!

Come and hear of the current issues, stumbling blocks, various organisational commitment and policy directions towards climate change mitigation and adaptation. Register here for the seminar. 

There will also be a book exchange at the event, swapping nature and environmental materials. It is a great time to give away your old books, mags, CDs and DVDs.



1. "International Climate Change Negotiations: COP21 Outcomes and the Way Forward" 

Climate change is an unprecedented challenge facing humanity today, both politically and technically. The primary international legal response to climate change is the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC),which started in 1992. For more than two decades, climate scientists and politicians have worked toward achieving agreements on the best way to address climate change. At the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to UNFCCC in Dec 2015, more than 196 countries adopted the landmark Paris Agreement. This agreement is the result of 9 years of intense negotiations. This presentation will focus on the path of achieving the Paris Agreement, unpacking the agreement and what the way forward is for its implementation. This seminar should be attended by anyone interested in the climate change negotiation landscape leading up to COP21 and what the new agreement means for climate actions. 

Speaker:  Mr Sandeep Chamling Rai is a Senior Advisor on Global Adaptation Policy for WWF International based in Singapore. He leads WWF’s effort on adaptation policy work within the UN Climate Change negotiations process, SDG, IPCC and other international processes. Sandeep is a graduate from the NUS MSc Enviornmental Management programme.  



2. "Paris Agreement: What it means for Singapore and Asia" 

Singapore announced in February 2016 that it would sign the Paris Agreement on Climate Change on 22 April 2016 at a high-level signature ceremony convened by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in New York. This presentation will examine how Singapore intends to achieve its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution of reducing its emissions intensity by 36% by 2030, as well as how business and civil society sectors can get more involved in this effort. The presentation will further examine if the Paris Agreement and Singapore's effort in tackling climate change will be eroded given that Asia as a region is still largely dependent on fossil fuels. 

Speaker: An environmentalist, Ms Nor Lastrina Hamid has attended COP20 in Lima, Peru and COP21 in Paris, France. She co- founded Singapore Youth for Climate Action, a platform for young Singapore residents to join hands in action in response to climate change, as well as #LepakInSG, a one-stop calendar listing environmental events and activities in Singapore. 



3. "Landscape Management in Indonesia – Why the Future has to be Now?" 

Between about June and October 2015, more than 100,000 fires burned down millions of hectares of fragile forest lands in Indonesia. There were human and animal fatalities, and the economic damage was estimated to be more than US$15bn. For more than 20 years these fires have been an annual occurrence, as farmers and agricultural companies clear Indonesia's forests and carbon-rich peatlands to make way for pulpwood, palm oil and rubber plantations, or for smaller scale subsistence farming. Can a landscape management approach to land governance in Indonesia bring about an end to the issue of haze? 

Speaker: Mr Jose Raymond is Vice President of Corporate Affairs (Singapore) at Asia Pulp & Paper. He was formerly the CEO of the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) from 2011 to 2015. He was also the Press Secretary to the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources 





About the organiser:

The alumni of MSc (Environmental Management) program (also known as the MEM program) is a vibrant group of professionals who get together to organise a number of activities each year on a voluntary basis. The activities include public educational seminars on social and environmental topics, musical events and overseas trips. The MEM, a multi-displinary post-graduate program, was inaugurated in 2001 by the School of Design and Environment faculty of the National University of Singapore. After more than a decade, this program continues to attract high calibre students from around the world. For more information on MEM, visit the website at http://www.mem.nus.edu.sg. For inquiries or partnerships with MEM alumni, contact the president Albert Sin.



Rainforest World Music Festival 2015 Event Listing

The 18th edition of Sarawak’s Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) takes place on the weekend of 7th to 9th of August 2015 (Friday to Sunday) at Sarawak Cultural Village in Damai, an hour’s drive or so from the heart of Sarawak, Kuching.

Event: Rainforest World Music Festival 2015

Venue: Sarawak Cultural Village, Damai, Sarawak, West Malaysia

Dates: 7-9 August 2015


About the Festival

Program highlights with daytime Workshops as well as daily performances can be found here. You can buy a one day ticket or a season pass for one or for the family. Check out these travel packages too!

Three sessions of simultaneous workshops will be held daily from 2-5 pm at three different venues within the Sarawak Cultural Village. It is best to read up the program well beforehand to decide what workshops to choose, and to get there early to secure a seat - yes it does get crowded! However, it is also possible to do a "workshop crawl" - drift from one workshop to another while the session is still on. No, it's not considered rude to leave one to go to another, as long as you don't block the cameras pointed at the stage. Read Gaia Discovery preview of this festival.

Getting There

If you book up early, you can stay close to the festival area, at Damai Beach Resort, Damai Puri Resort & Spa, and Permai Rainforest Resort (10 mins walk). For less pricey options, city hotels are a good idea. There will be shuttle buses to take you to the festival grounds. This link tells you the pick up points and time to Rainforest World Music Festival 2015. Don't be late for the shuttle that is essentially a 45-minute busride! Otherwise hail a cab, and be prepared to pay big bucks.



Modern jet aircraft connect Sarawak with the outside world and connect the main centres within the State while smaller turbo-prop planes make once remote settlements easily accessible for the visitor. Kuching International Airport has direct flights to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bandar Seri Begawan and to Hong Kong via Kota Kinabalu.

There are also direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Miri and Sibu, from Johor Bahru to Kuching, and from Kota Kinabalu and Labuan to Kuching and Bintulu.


Bus, Indonesia - There are two daily bus services between Kuching and Pontianak. Journey time is roughly 10 hours.

Bus, Brunei - There are five daily bus services between Miri and Kuala Belait (2 hours), with onward connections to Bandar Sri Begawan, plus a direct mini-bus service between Miri and Bandar Sri Begawan(4 hours) twice daily.

Self Drive - Visitors may enter Sarawak from Brunei or Indonesia using their own vehicles or rental vehicles, provided they have valid international insurance cover. An international driver's licence is advisable.

Cycling - Bring your own, as there is no bike for hire at the premises.

Camping at the festival grounds - Not allowed, sadly. At least there's beer and wine sold.



Nurturing Nature Seminar 2015

NUS MEM Alumni explore how to Nurture Singapore's Nature

To help celebrate this year's SG50 golden jubilee, the Alumni Association of NUS's Masters in Environmental Management (MEM) course together with the Nature Society Singapore is staging a free program of seminars and walks.

Guided tour to the Central Catchment Nature Reserve is just one of the many perks of registering for the MEM Alumni 2015 seminar.The program titled "Nurturing Nature with Community Involvement" aims to highlight how Singapore has fostered and developed conservation across its communities.

The seminar will be held at the NUS Auditorium, Shaw Foundation Alumni House, 11 Kent Ridge Drive, S119244 on 16 May at 9 am (registration begins at 8.30 am).

Three field walks will be held at various locations from Saturday 23 May, on a weekly basis.

For more details or to register, go to : http://tinyurl.com/Nurturing-Nature


Inspiring Stories from Destinations 2014 Competition Opens

Singapore, 12 August 2014. This year, Wild Asia together with Gaia Discovery is on a lookout for inspiring travel stories from within the industry. We are inviting exceptional tourism businesses and projects from across Asia to submit their inspiring story.

Have you empowered local people? Saved a rare wildlife species? Protected an area’s cultural heritage? Innovated ways to run a tourism business that is kinder to the environment? Have you through the power of tourism used it as a force for good? We want to hear your story. 

What’s in it for you?

· Top 3 Winners will receive complimentary tickets to ITB Asia Responsible Tourism Events and will be given 15 minutes each to share their story on the Responsible Tourism stage to an audience of like-minded tourism professionals and potential customers

· Top 3 Winners will have their story published on the Wild Asia’s website and Gaia Discovery’s website.

· Top 3 Winners will benefit from the reach of both Wild Asia and Gaia Discovery’s social media networks.


How to enter

Submit your stories in any of the following form: 

 · In words; no more than 1,000 words

 · Video; no more than 5 minutes

 · Slideshow; no more than 15 slides

Email your entries to rt@wildasia.org by 14th September 2014 (Sunday).

Please title your email “RT Stories for RT Event at ITB Asia 2014″ and include your Name, Email, Organization and Destination in your email.

Successful applicants will be notified via email by 30th September, 2014. Winners will be invited to speak at ITB Asia (Terms on Wild Asia website).

Inspiring Stories from Destinations is part of the annual Responsible Tourism networking events that started in 2009. Organised by WildAsia and supported by ITB Asia, this annual event hopes to bring together sustainable tourism practitioners to share, engage, learn and be inspired to make a difference. In 2014, it is jointly organised by Gaia Discovery. Judges of Inspiring Storides from Destinations 2014 include Gaia Discovery founder Mallika Naguran and award winning contributor Henrylito D.Tacio.