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About the Wild Nature Discovery Program. Beyond manicured tea plantations, pretty strawberry farms and columned vegetable farms, Cameron Highlands has wildness within its forests along the mountain ranges. Each mountain offers a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna for those who care to venture deep. Walk on the wild side with Gaia Discovery as we take you to the heart of the montane forests up 6,000 feet high - so high, you'll be walking through clouds! 

These programs are suitable for the young from age 8 to the young at heart. 

Program Highlights:

Applying the principles of the balance of nature ensures organic growth of vegetables such as this broccoli

Understand forest ecosystems and how they help with the balance of life and regulate temperature to prevent adverse climate change;

See and identify the various species of plants, from simple mosses, mushrooms and ferns to impressive oaks, Tembusu and parasitic plants;

Experience the coolness within the heart of the forest and be enchanted by the mossy or cloud forest; and

Sip tea! But before that, hear about their life cycle - from the growing of tea, harvesting to production, and watch out for raptors in the sky while roaming through the rows of tea shrubs;

Learn the names of plants, butterflies and birds; and

Appreciate the efforts of the organic farmer in bringing us taint-free vegetables and fruit through the application of nature principles.


The Program

*Day One. Depart from Singapore on an express coach with fixed departures on some Friday nights. 

Day Two.  Arrive at Tanah Rata of Cameron Highlands; Visit Mount Brinchang and see age-old forest ferns, pitcher plants, medicinal plants and the mystical cloud forest at 6,000 feet high; stroll through BOH Tea Plantation, visit the tea factory, sip a cup of freshly brewed tea; Learn the ecosystem principles used by an organic farm for cultivation of contamination-free and nutritious vegetables while allowing wild nature to flourish within the farm

The Ant Fern, Lecanopteris carnosa displays a symbiotic relationship with ants




Day Three. Trek through Mount Jasar and discover ancient trees, wild orchids, ferns, mushrooms, moss, lichens, liverwort, fungi and herbaceous plants along with bees, butterflies and insects. Listen and spy on songbirds and more. Notice the gradual change in the tree species and height as you go higher up the mountain, right up to the summit and enjoy a panoramic view of the highlands.




*Day Four. Depart from Cameron Highlands 10 am on an express coach; Arrive in Singapore at around 7 to 8 pm.

(*For Singapore-based participants. Those who are not based in Singapore are welcome to join the program on Day 2 and Day 3. They should make their own travel arrangements to Cameron Highlands. There is an airport in Ipoh, where flights can be made to or from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. A 2-hour bus journey with a local bus takes you from Ipoh to Cameron Highlands.)

 This primitive species of fern, Matania pectinata, is a rare find in Cameron HighlandsLycopodium phlegmaria is a species of club moss (fern ally) 


Weekend Program Single/Twinshare/Triple/Quad Share 

A room with single kingsize bed or two single beds for two persons, and more.

Includes the following:

  • Four-star Heritage Hotel has a commanding view of the mountains in Tanah Ratatwo-way Spore-Camerons express luxury coach fare (departure from Singapore Friday 10pm and arrival at Singapore on Monday around 8 pm)
  • 2 nights/3 days accommodation at twin-sharing deluxe room at four-star Heritage Hotel, mountain view;
  • breakfasts on Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4;
  • 2 lunches and 2 dinners at popular restaurants on Day 2 & 3;
  • custom trekking with expert guide over two days;
  • local transport with 4-wheel drive and van

 Tourists from other countries please contact Gaia Discovery for a quotation.

  • Flitting butterflies including the Cethosia crane or Leopard Lacewing add to the joy of walking around Cameron Highlands

Tourists from other countries please contact Gaia Discovery for a quotation.

Enjoy a drink at your very own balcony! Four-star Heritage Hotel is highly rated by travellers, clean and comfortable and one of the few hotels that offer a panoramic view of the Titiwangsa mountain peaks and gorgeous sunsets.

What is not included - dinner on Day 1 (please note that the coach does not stop for dinner overnight but only for toilet breaks), Lunch and dinner on Day 4 (coach stops for lunch and dinner onward to Singapore, which total up to around $10-$15), souvenir purchases, tea & snacks at tea plantation cafe, and drinking water.

The Two-horned Rhinoceros Beetle's curvature is fascinatingDo bring your own re-usable bottle for refills and shopping bags too, to prevent plastic waste accumulation. Add SGD20 each for travel insurance if required.

As the program is meant for small groups so as to ensure an enjoyable personalised service, do sign up for them as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Entry closes 2 weeks before departure/program dates. For further enquiries, call Gaia Discovery Escape +65 - 9663 7289 or email

Payment Mode

Payment - 50% or full payment upon reservation; 100% three weeks prior to departure/program dates. 

Cancellation - full refund three weeks prior to departure/program date; 80% refund two weeks prior to departure/program date.

Pay by debit/credit card and/or Paypal to secure your place for a personalised, customised program according to your needs. 

A Gaia Discovery nature program in partnership with Eco Cameron Travel & Tours and Cameron Secrets.

Gaia Discovery designs nature & environmental programs carefully to minimise tourism negative impact on the environment. A percentage of the proceeds will go towards REACH organisation in support of biodiversity research in Cameron Highlands. 

For information on other nature, environmental and educational programs, please write to

Other Programs:

  • An environmental activity includes the surveying of living organisms of streams as bio-indicators of water qualityGuided Bird Watching in Cameron Highlands by Gaia Discovery 
  • Agro-tourism and CSR. Featuring organic farming and methods, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of tea and plantation companies
  • Culture, history and heritage of Cameron Highlands. Featuring the people and places in addition to visiting World War ll buildings, structures and memorabilia
  • Environmental monitoring and biodiversity watch. This unique program is highly educational, engaging and fun! It covers activities such as river water quality testing for living organisms, reforestation of threatened orchird species, flora and fauna identification, appreciation of bird, butterflies and insects, learning about forest ecosystems including the cloud forest or mossy forest, and more. Perfect for the young explorer as well as adult discoverer!

Please write to Gaia Discovery for more information on these, which can be organised on their own or added on to the Wild Nature Discovery and Bird Watching programs.

Watch this video and you'll get a sense of what's in store for you - the mystical mossy forest and the magic of forest ecosystems await. Escape the city, get close to nature.




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Connect with responsible tourism organiser Mallika Naguran who is also the founder of Gaia Discovery on Facebook and Twitter.  Images are courtesy of Eco Cameron.


Contact: Email Gaia Discovery for more information here. Or call/whatsapp/Viber +65 9663 7289.


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