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Singapore's Electric Vehicle Test-bed Launched

The inter-agency Electric Vehicle (EV) Taskforce, led by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and the Land Transport Authority (LTA), announced the launch of the electric vehicle test-bed in Singapore on 25 June 2011. It was also revealed for the first time that Daimler South East Asia (SEA) Pte. Ltd has joined the test-bed, and will bring in 20 smart fortwo (ed) vehicles available for lease under the EV test-bed from July 2011.

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Bicycle Hire Service in Hangzhou, China - World's Biggest

With over 50,000 bikes available to rent, Hangzhou in China is aiming to reduce pollution, cut congestion, and keep its people healthy – all while making a profit!

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Formula One Rules Set to Make Race Cars Greener  

New rules for smaller engines and improved energy-recovery systems mean that Formula One racing cars will get much more fuel efficient, and quieter, within the next two seasons.

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Energy Efficiency of Fossil-fuel and Electricity-powered Cars

Andrew Porter takes a closer look at how energy travels from the grid to the road, and argues that electric cars are not necessarily more energy efficient compared to fossil-fuel powered cars. Electricity generation needs to be re-examined to gain greater energy efficiencies.

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Power from Rail to Road – The Future of Electric Cars  

How soon will we see people driving sustainable motorcars that reduce the impact on fossil fuels and reduce pollution? While many people assume, and hope, that the next generation motorcar will be powered either from a rechargeable battery, or an internal combustion engine using bio-fuels, there are problems associated with these methods. Andrew Porter looks into the sustainability issue of bio-fuels to power internal combustion engines, and presents the bright prospect of fully-optimised electric cars inspired by the old diesel electric railway locomotive.

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Singapore Clean Energy and Electric Cars Adoption Too Small, Too Slow

Singapore has aced in many areas. But when it comes to embracing renewable forms of energy sources though, Singapore is terribly late in the game.

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Ecological Car Improvements, Fuel Efficiency with Old Cars

Much has been said about next generation motorcars and the influx of bio-fuels, petrol electric hybrids, pure electric, hydrogen power and so on. Still, just how much improvement they make to the environment on a total carbon footprint basis remains debatable. But we can do something about what we have now. This article looks at what can be done to improve existing motorcars – both old and new - in terms of fuel efficiency.

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Improving the Internal Combustion Engine

Most people think of the internal combustion engine as being the thing that powers cars. But just as many are used for railway trains, ships, planes and more. Although carmakers are looking at alternatives like fuel cells, battery power or even biofuels to run hybrids, there are still plenty of vehicles with plain old internal combustion engines – so is there anything that can be done to improve it that will help lessen environmental impacts?

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Performance, Efficiency of Electric Cars Examined

Electric cars are currently touted as the best thing for the environment. But are they really?

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Jatropha-fueled Smart Car for Greener Cities

The experience of the smart was definitely mixed. As a sensible, socially-responsible mode of city transport it has few equals.

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