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Dive Timor-Leste to Support Woman's Cooperative Ai-Funan

Many bright beaches are another reason to escape to Timor-Leste.

Give to charity and take back a wealth of Timorese culture. That's the motive behind this unique dive trip put together by two social enterprises that aims to give soap makers in Timor-Leste a better chance of earning a livelihood.

SINGAPORE, 27 September. A charity dive tour is organized from 10-17 November 2012 in Timor-Leste, one of the world’s newest, most unexplored and exciting dive destinations. In the charity expedition, divers can enjoy a brand new diving destination, donate to and support the social entrepreneurship project of Ai-funan, a soap making cooperative based in Timor-Leste and get a chance to learn about the life and culture of Asia’s newest nation.

Timor-Leste has a diverse and unspoiled marine ecosystem and divers there are sure to be surprised by its riches.  Timor-Leste is located within the Coral Triangle, which contains 60% of all marine species on the planet and is right in the middle of a whale migration route, which locals refer to as a "Whale Superhighway." A recent marine mammal surveys suggest Timor-Leste has one of the highest concentrations of marine mammals in the world. 

The charity dive tour will explore at least 12 different pristine dive sites with largely undamaged reefs that play host to a colorful diversity of marine life. Just in the last year, there have been confirmed sightings of Whale sharks, Mola Mola (Sunfish) and large shoals of Hammerhead sharks. 

Clear waters and spectacular underwater creatures are a common in Timor-Leste.

This charity dive tour is organized by Gone Adventurin’, a Singapore-based social enterprise and The Hummingfish Foundation, a Hong Kong based environmental not-for-profit and is designed to raise awareness of Timor’s natural wonders and raise funds for the woman’s cooperative behind Ai-Funan all natural handmade soaps.

Divers can discover Timor’s marine treasures from the waters of the magical Atauro Island, a small island 25km north of Dili, to a dive site so new that it does not even have a name yet.  K-41, Sacred Garden, Dili Rock, Tasi Tolu, Bubble Beach, Manta Cove, Shark Fin and Dan’s Sandy bottom (named after one of our guides) are just some of the dive sites to be explored.

Participants will also experience the urban and rural lifestyles of the Timorese people, by staying in a range of accommodations from authentic community based eco-lodges to the guesthouse of the group’s fully licensed and insured PADI dive operator Dive Timor Lorosae.  During the expedition the charity divers will have the unique opportunity of spending a day with the women behind the Ai-Funan all natural handmade soaps and even try their own hand in making organic soaps themselves.

Women from Ai-Funan, a social enterprise in Timor-Leste.

Check out more about the meaningful diving tour at www.goneadventurin.com/divin-timor-nov-2012 or contact Ashwin Subramaniam.

For donation, please check out the details at http://hummingfish.org/news/simplygiving-com.

Photography by Dan Groshong of Hummingfish Foundation.


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