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Eco-friendly Bag for Poop, Shopping & Wipes by PicknBin

Environmentally friendly bags & wipes in a handy wallet.

Live greener with this 10cmx14cm wallet

PicknBin wet wipes for on-the-go cleaning With the PicknBin Kit, you will always be prepared anywhere you go.

The PicknBin Kit offers to consumers increased comfort & hygiene, greater functionality & convenience whilst being environmentally friendly as biodegradable bags are made of natural materials.




PicknBin packs 5 wet wipes & five bags in a neat little kit. Five bags and five wet wipes in each handy wallet. Have one in your handbag, backpack and car's glove compartment. Each bag can take up to 2 kg in weight. 

PicknBin bags with loopy handles are great for holding groceries or matter to be disposed, especially organic waste at picnic grounds, parks and nature trails.Our Environmental philosophy: "Small things count. Don't wait for some big hero organization to change the World for you. You are the changes you want to see in the World."

Read about the story behind PicknBin invention from the creator, Joanne Reed.

Get some packs for yourself or a friend, especially doggy lovers and outdoors enthusiasts. For companies, this is a great product to spread your environmental commitment. PicknBin can create a custom product according to your design, corporate colours, logo and message. 

There is no better corporate gift than this for outdoor events especially. Get in touch with PicknBin for non-obligation quote.



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