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Heritage Musical Instruments

Play A New Tune with these Folk Creations or Create a Unique Home with World Traditions
  • Hand Hammered 5

    The Tibetan singing bowl is traditionally used as a special offering bowl in a Buddhist altar containing barley, flower or rice, water and butter with a wick placed in the center to create a butter lamp. Due to its amazing sonorous properties, the singing bowl has become not just a musical instrument, but an aid for meditation.

    A brass hand hammered bowl will not only have a tone that lasts and lasts, but it also produces rich overtones. These bowls are wonderful to aid in meditation, re-balancing yourself, and re-balancing a space. To play, you can either strike the bowl or rub the mallet along the outside edge, the same way as you would rub your finger on the rim of a crystal glass. Each comes with a wooden mallet to play the bowl. Each bowl vibrates to a note that corresponds with a specific chakra. Any bowl can be used to re-balance your entire energy system, but the note will give the bowl a stronger effect on one chakra over the others. Arrives packaged in a gift box. Weighs 1.5 pounds. Chakra: Third eye/sixth

  • Shakuhachi Flute In EE
    Mid-East Manufacturing

    A brand new bamboo pipe in EE (plays a lower key than E) has four front holes and one back hole.
    Shakuhachi was used by the monks of the Fuke sect of Zen Buddhism in the practice of suizen (blowing meditation).  It takes its name from its standard length of one foot (shaku) and eight (hachi) parts of a foot (called sun), approximately 54cm.

    Hold the flute under your bottom lip and blow over the crescent cut at the top edge. Lovely sound.

  • Apple Creek Dulcimer
    Apple Creek

    The stringed ancestors of the mountain dulcimer can be traced back to the Middle East.
    Harps and lyres from the third millennium B.C. in Mesopotamia have been found in tombs and on wall drawings. This 5-stringed instrument has a rosewood body with an unfinished spruce soundboard, hour-glass shape, knotwork cutouts in soundboard.  Weighs 3 pounds.

  • Black Clover Murchunga
    Handmade Nepal

    A traditional harp from Nepal. Also called Murchunga, these are hand made - no two harps look exactly alike. Produce a very delicate sound. 10 1/2cm x 3 1/4 cm (sizes vary)

  • Black Painted Tingsha
    Handmade Nepal

    Delightful pair of small cymbals. They are held in the middle by the leather strap and allowed to strike each other creating beautiful long-lasting tones. They are used to clear the space prior to meditaion or for sound offerings. 1 3/4" in diameter. Black finish with gold painting.

  • Toca Synergy Hand-Carved Rope Djembe, Kalimantan 20X10 Inches

    Genuine goatskin head and nylon rope tuning produce a fantastic natural tone. Gentle on the hands. Handcrafted; patterns and sizing may vary slightly.

  • 2 Tic Toc Drums
    Kenyan Craftsman

    Handmade in Kenya, this wonderful African instrument and noisemaker for young and old alike. Each Tic Toc Drum is handpainted with a different tribal design. 13" High and 3-4" diameter.